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Our Mission

Western Christian Academy is dedicated to assisting families, by providing quality academic programs from a Christian worldview, through individualized instruction and affordability.

Christian Worldview

Accredited Homeschool

In a world that strives to suffocate the light, it is a joyful sight when we bring light back into the world through the minds and hearts of our children. A complete education trains the individual and is centered on biblical truth.


Accredited Homeschool

Everyone learns at different rates of speed depending on the subject or concept. Our curriculum guides the student through the lessons at their own pace, which gives them the chance to master concepts at their ability before moving on to more challenging lessons.


Affordable Homeschooling Options

We have programs designed to fit every parent’s need. You have the option of having a teacher on call for your student, or if you wish do without. Register today to save a seat for 2019-2020! We have custom options with our year round enrollment.

Western Christian Academy … Who we are

Full Accreditation

Grades K-12

AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world. We serve as a trusted partner to 36,000 educational institutions across the United States and 70 other nations.



National Association of Private Schools is dedicated to recognizing and improving the character and educational quality of private Christian schools. NAPS is a non-profit educational corporation, which provides educational assistance and accreditation for church schools, private Christian schools, and Christian home school academies, Pre-K through 12th grade, with credible traditional education programs.


Homeschool Success!

Check out these stats

Higher test scores and overall better performance

Better scores:

“The home-educated typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests.Homeschool students score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income.”

These studies show that homeschooled students are performing at levels above the public school, and that later in life, as adults, they are generally happy.


Source: https://www.nheri.org/research-facts-on-homeschooling/

Homeschooling the Western Christian Academy Way

  • Western Christian is dedicated to assisting Pre-K through 12th grade families by providing quality academic programs from a Christian worldview.
  • We provide individualized learning, professional expertise, and reliable academic support.
  • Western Christian has multiple program options to fit your budget and level of desired involvement.

Online DEMO

Homeschool Free Demo

Try the online DEMO
This is for online only, 3rd-12th grade

Free Placement Testing

Free academic testing

Find where your child’s strengths are. Our testing helps structure their learning programs. 

Academic Tutoring

Homeschool with tutoring available

Please let us know if you have any questions about what we offer in the way of tutoring. 

Try our mobile app

Homeschooling Mobile App

Our new app allows students, families and staff access to important school information. 

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