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I like Western Christian Academy because I can work at my own pace and get more out of what I am learning! The teachers are always there when I need help or encouragement. They send weekly messages and we do meetings every month to stay connected! I love homeschooling with Western Christian Academy because I have freedom to do all the things I love.

Preston, Wilmer, Alabama

1st-2nd Grade

Western Christian Academy offers the award-winning accredited booklet
 curriculum program of Horizons and LIFEPAC for 1st and 2nd grades

Western Christian Academy uses a booklet learning platform for 1st and 2nd grades. Parents are the primary instructors. The curriculum presents a Christian worldview where students gain a clear understanding of God’s creation and learn to apply critical thinking for character building. Students are guided through lessons at their own pace. This allows them to master concepts before moving to more challenging lessons.

Each booklet includes systematic reviews to previously learned concepts while integrating new concepts and skills throughout all subjects for reinforcement. This allows students additional time to master new concepts, and it allows them to move quickly through lessons after they have mastered a concept. Each booklet combines reading lessons, assignments, occasional projects, unit review, and a unit test. Unit tests are sent to us on a quarterly basis for scoring and record keeping, parents keep copies of the tests for their records. We track the student’s academic progress and send report cards each semester. Students are encouraged to practice penmanship throughout all lessons to develop the necessary motor skills for writing that will last a lifetime.

Students are assigned five subjects and will complete a booklet in each subject in approximately three weeks. A student will complete approximately 50 booklets, 10 colorful booklets per subject during the school year. The parent supervises the student’s progress and grades their daily work and practice assessments. A Parent Advocate and academic counselors are readily available for your support with personalized education plans, daily lesson plans and other questions. The booklet curriculum program and many of the daily student procedures closely align with our online programs. This allows a student to quickly and successfully assimilate into one of our online programs in the 3rd grade.

Parent Involvement – Essential Involvement

  • Read daily with your child

  • Follow and administer detailed daily lesson plans

  • Follow and provide instruction for lessons and hands-on learning activities

  • Lead the interactive educational activities 

1st and 2nd Grade Program Includes 

  • K-8 counselor 

  • Horizons Math Books 1 & 2

  • LIFEPAC Language Arts, History/Geography, Science, Bible 

  • LIFEPAC Language Arts Books 1 & 2 with Teacher’s Guide 

  • Horizons Penmanship workbooks at additional charge

  • Teacher scoring of tests

  • Record keeping and reporting

  • Semester report cards and transcripts 

  • Age of Learning – computer-based learning with monthly assessment if prescribed More Information (add all)

  • Booklets are shipped to parents quarterly and bi-annually

Curriculum Samples – 
The booklet curriculum samples shown below are for 1st-2nd grades. They include snippets of the booklet contact, objectives, and partial lessons for each grade.

Language Arts samples by grade
1, 2 

Math samples by grade
1, 2

History & Geography samples by grade

Science samples by grade
1, 2

Bible LIFEPAC samples by grade

Financial Requirements 
The non-refundable family registration fee of $150.00 is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made online or by calling the office with your payment information. The first tuition payment is due two weeks before the student’s start date. Tuition is non-refundable after materials are received or curriculum is set up online.

* There is a substantial savings if the tuition is paid yearly


Grades 1-2

Yearly: $1995

Semester: $1190

Quarterly: $595

Monthly: $238

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