1st-2nd Grades

1st Grade


“My daughter is doing great! We will certainly be continuing this program for high school and continue to work towards our goal. Thank you!”

Chino Hills, CA


“I believe that your school is excellent for me and others like myself, because I have learned so much!”

K. Hall from VA, Student



1st-2nd grades

WCA offers accredited homeschooling for K-12th graders in all 50 states!

Western Christian Academy’s 1st and 2nd grade students have five core subjects that include Math, Language Arts, History/Geography, Science, and Bible. Penmanship is optional and has an additional cost. Curriculum samples are available further below. Tuition for 1st or 2nd grade includes curriculum for five subjects, course counselor, support, teacher scoring of tests, and communication. Western Christian Academy handles all record keeping and reporting, plus provides semester report cards. Western Christian Academy’s annual in-home achievement testing is optional for 1st and 2nd grade, but requires a nominal testing fee. It is included in 3rd-11th grade tuition.

Western Christian  Academy uses a booklet structure for 1st and 2nd grades. A booklet in each subject will take an average of three weeks to complete. Each booklet combines reading pages, exercises, occasional projects, review, and a test. Each booklet also has a systematic review of previous booklets for reinforcement. New concepts and skills are also integrated across other subjects for reinforcement. A 1st or 2nd grade student will complete approximately 50 booklets during a school year. The curriculum prepares students for any of our five program options that begin at 3rd grade. Our award winning curriculum presents a Christian worldview.

Western Christian Academy uses an individualized approach. Students learn at different rates of speed depending on the subject or concept. Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts at their ability before moving on to more challenging lessons. This allows students more time when needed, but also allows them to move quickly when they have mastered a concept.

Western Christian  Academy requires a minimum of a two semester (annual) commitment to protect the school’s reputation for academic progress. Semester, quarterly, and monthly payment options are a provided convenience for the parents’ commitment of two semesters.

Best Deal


$ 1800 / yr


$ 1035 / sem


$ 518 / qrt

Month x10

$ 207 / mnth x10

Western Christian Advantages:

  • Western Christian Academy Elementary has full accreditation status with the National Association of Private Schools. (NAPS).
  • Western Christian Academy Elementary students can seamlessly continue into Western Christian Academy for middle school and high school.
  • Annual standardized achievement testing is available from Western Christian Academy, which can be done at home. There is an additional testing fee for 1st and 2nd graders, but is included in tuition for 3rd-11th grades.

2020-2021 Financial Requirements:

The family registration fee of $150 is due with the registration form. The registration fee can be paid online or you can call in your payment information. The family registration fee covers any other students in any of our programs. After the registration fee, the first tuition payment based on your payment option is normally due one week before the student start date. There is a substantial savings if using annual, semester, or quarterly payments.

1st or 2nd Grade 2020-2021 Tuition Rates:

  • Monthly payment option (10x$207)
  • Quarterly payment option (4x$518)
  • Semester payment option (2x$1035)
  • Annual $1800

Additional Resources:

Easy Enrollment Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions
Scope and Sequence for Booklet Program

Curriculum Samples:

The samples below are in PDF format. Most browsers will automatically display the file in a new tab when clicked. However, some browsers will just download the file where they need to be opened from your download folder.

1st Grade Level
1st Grade Math Student Book 1
1st Grade Math Teacher’s Guide
1st Grade Math Student Worksheet Packet
1st Grade Phonics & Reading Student Book 1
1st Grade Phonics & Reading Student Reader 1
1st Grade Phonics & Reading Teacher’s Guide

2nd Grade Level
2nd Grade Math Student Book 1
2nd Grade Math Teacher’s Guide
2nd Grade Math Student Worksheet Packet
2nd Grade Phonics & Reading Student Book 1
2nd Grade Phonics & Reading Student Reader 1
2nd Grade Phonics & Reading Teacher’s Guide

Optional Course (additional cost):

Penmanship is an optional subject. Cursive begins at 2nd grade. Sample: 1st grade

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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