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“Western Christian Academy is an excellent school that I attended since sixth grade. They supported me through my ups and downs over the last few years. Due to family health difficulties and my experience of homelessness in my senior year of high school, it was a challenging time for me. Computer Science was my favorite class and that is what my father does. One of my goals is to become a web developer or video game developer. Mr. Christiansen, one of the sweetest and kindest teachers I have met, is my favorite instructor. His
tales and escapades from the military were quite interesting to hear.”

Isabeli, Graduate, El Monte, California

8th-12th Grade

Western Christian Academy offers award-winning accredited curriculum for 8 th -12 th grades

Western Christian Academy uses Ignitia, an award-wining learning system that presents a Christian worldview for 8th-12th grades. This program is available in all 50 of the United States and globally. Students are assigned Western Christian Academy teachers with the Online With Teacher On-Call Program. This is required for 8th-12th grade students by Western Christian Academy. This prerequisite prepares students for today’s high school and college courses. Qualified 9th-12th grade students are privileged to begin earning college credits through approved dual credit courses that apply toward an associate or bachelor’s degree with our college and university partners. Our college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. Because each college or university has its own specific entrance requirements, you will want to consult with your chosen school and our high school counselor to customize an academic program to meet the requirements of that institution. 

Online With Teacher On-Call Program (8th-12th Grade) 
Western Christian Academy uses Ignitia, an award-wining learning system that presents a Christian worldview for 8th-12th grades. Students are assigned Western Christian Academy teachers with the Online With Teacher On-Call Program. Created to give a truly multi-dimensional interactive learning experience, Ignitia courses are infused with over 50,000 media enhancements, 3-D animation and cutting-edge multimedia including video clips, digital tutors, slide shows, animation, dynamic learning games, historical timelines, and hands-on exercises that bring learning to life. Packed with exciting content and dynamic elements, this learning system engages students and inspires academic achievement. The curriculum is written on the principle of “mastery learning.” This means that students truly master the content and skills of one unit before progressing to the next. The “mastery learning” approach ensures success by allowing each student to spend as much time as necessary in one subject before moving on to the next unit of work.

Students can complete schoolwork questions, activities and quizzes from any learning environment location with broadband internet connection. A large portion of student work is automatically computer scored, parents time, and it guides a student’s thinking while the concept is fresh in their mind. To enhance student motivation, parents and students can view their grades online at any time. Parents and students have access to a built-in messaging system included within the Ignitia curriculum that allows them to communicate easily with their teachers throughout the day for on-on-one academic assistance by telephone, Skype, online whiteboard and other digital tools. There are 10-units of work per subject, per year with approximately 60 lessons per subject (5-units each semester) with new concepts and skills integrated throughout all subjects for reinforcement. The parent plays a large role in providing the learning environment and daily structure for the student. Parents may direct their student to use a Western Christian Academy teacher for academic assistance throughout the school year, including tutoring. A Western Christian Academy Parent Advocate is readily available as needed to assist with implementing the program. 

8th – 12th Grade Program Includes

  • Christian worldview curriculum
  • Placement testing
  • 6 Subjects for 8th-12th: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Bible, and an Elective
  • 5 subjects for 3rd-7th: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Bible
  • One-on-one teacher help/tutoring for all subjects
  • Course counselor support and scheduled communication
  • 4-year course projection for graduation (9th-12th grade)
  • White board tutoring
  • Progress tracking
  • Communication access through email, phone, instant messaging, video
  • Daily lesson plans to keep students on track
  • Record keeping & reporting
  • Semester report cards
  • 8th and 12th grade Graduation Fee included
  • Achievement testing included for 3rd-11th grades 
  • Accreditation through Cognia
  • Booklets are shipped to parents quarterly and bi-annually

Graduation Requirements 

Financial Requirements 
The non-refundable family registration fee of $150.00 is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made online or by calling the office with your payment information. The first tuition payment is due two weeks before the student’s start date. Tuition is non-refundable after materials are received or curriculum is set up online.

* There is a substantial savings if the tuition is paid yearly


Grade 8-12

Yearly: $2990

Yearly: $1725

Quarterly: $863

Yearly: $345

Accelerated 3 year Program Grades 9-12

Yearly: $3600

Semester: $2000

Quarterly: $1000

Monthly: $400

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