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8-12th Grade


WCA offers accredited homeschooling for 8th graders in all 50 states!

Middle School Homeschooling

By assisting thousands of families for over 30 years, Western Christian has developed the tools, support, and procedures so families realize the highest level of success. To ensure the best opportunity for success, Western Christian requires its Teacher On Call program for all 8-12th grade students. This structure prepares students for today’s high school and college course procedures. Students can complete their schoolwork from anywhere using typical broadband internet access. The Teacher on Call feature can reduce parent involvement to the level that works best for the family. WCA uses an award-winning internet-based structure for high school with over 50,000 multimedia features.

Program Includes:

  • Placement testing
  • 6 Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Theology, and an Elective
  • One-on-one teacher help/tutoring for all subjects
  • Course counselor support and scheduled communication
  • 4 year course projection for graduation if continuing
  • White board tutoring
  • Progress tracking
  • Engaging with students based on need through effective pedagogical practices
  • Communication access through email, phone, and instant messaging or video
  • The student’s home page has an efficient built in lesson plan to keep students on track
  • Record keeping & reporting
  • Semester report cards
  • Full accreditation through AdvancEd

Financial Requirements:

  • The family registration fee of $150 is due with the registration form.
    • Pay online or call in your payment information.
    • Covers any other siblings in any of our programs.
  • The first tuition payment based on your payment option is normally due one week before the student start date.
  • History (pdf)
  • Language (pdf)
  • Math (pdf)
  • Science (pdf)
  • Bible (pdf)

History Scope and Sequence

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“My daughter is doing great! We will certainly be continuing this program for high school and continue to work towards our goal. Thank you!”

Chino Hills, CA


“I believe that your school is excellent for me and others like myself, because I have learned so much!”

K. Hall from VA, Student





 YrlySem. x2Qrt. x4Mnth. x10
8-12th Grade$2361$1299$679$284


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