Learning to Learn

A real-life example from WCA Principal Jeff Gillingham 

Western Christian Academy’s new ebook, Learning to Learn, is a unique look at the actual skills and concepts needed to learn – not a specific topic or subject, but the act of learning in general. 

Learning is a personal responsibility for each student, but this eBook is also for teachers and parents. A group effort is required to ensure the students in your life have every chance to succeed. 

The principal of WCA, Jeff Gillingham, has a real-life example of this in action that he’d love to share with you. 

His daughter, Morgan, is a student at WCA and she recently had a personal experience with the idea of learning to learn. 

In English class, Morgan was struggling to nail the finer points of a topic. Most of the time she’s able to just read, digest, and apply the material, like a lot of students. 

But this topic was a roadblock. A roadblock that took a week to overcome. 

Morgan had to intentionally apply specific strategies to make learning the material a personal, individual endeavor – as a result of personally connecting herself to material, Morgan was able to understand the topic – instead of simply remembering it. 

After Morgan overcame the roadblock, she had a new, empowering confidence not just in the material, but herself as a student. 

She knew no matter what subject gave her a problem, she could take some or all of the concepts in the Learning to Learn eBook and overcome that topic and go on to the next. 

If you’re interested in the power of learning to learn, make sure you check out the free eBook right here.