Academic Achievement Testing

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Annual academic achievement testing provides parents with a basis for measuring their student’s achievement from year to year to determine their academic growth. Evaluation of test results aid our academic counselors with establishing realistic academic goals and expectations for each student. Testing identifies weak areas needing remediation and strengths to guide in curriculum placement. Comparison with national norms also indicates if students are performing below average, within the average range, or above average range for their grade level.

Academic Achievement testing costs are included for full-time students in 3rd – 10th grades. Parents will receive instructions and information about academic achievement testing administered by Western Christian Academy through their parent email. Most states that require academic testing will allow us to administer the test instead of taking it at a local public school. Non-Western Christian Academy students can opt to take the test for a nominal fee.

Students in the 11th grade are encouraged to take the recommended CLT, or the ACT, or SAT test. The ACT and SAT are external tests taken through ACT Inc. or the College Board with the Western Christian Academy registration number. Students in the 12th grade are required to take the recommended CLT, or the ACT, or SAT test. Please request our Western Christian Academy school code when registering to take one of these tests.

Western Christian Academy does not cover the cost of college entrance tests such as the ACT or SAT. Students will register to complete the CLT through Western Christian Academy where the cost is covered for 12th grade.

Our academic achievement test dates are generally in mid to late spring. Parents will receive more detailed information about upcoming test dates through their email address.