Early Graduation Program

Do you want to graduate High School in less than 4 years?


  • Graduate high school in 3 or 3.5 years and save money on tuition.
  • Tuition includes 8 courses per year.
  • Begin dual enrollment college courses after completing 2 semesters of courses.
  • Take the CLT (paid for by Western Christian Academy), ACT, or SAT test after finishing 4 semesters of courses using your school ID#.
  • Begin CTE courses/high school electives as an 8th grader to prepare for 9 – 12 enrollment.
  • Receive individualized attention from teachers in structuring your course of study.
  • Prepare for college or career by completing dual credit courses.
  • Earn a $1000 scholarship to a Christian college, university or technical school that holds a biblical worldview by completing the program on time with a 3.25 or above cumulative GPA.


  • Students are required to be at or above grade level in all course subjects to begin the program.
  • Students are required to maintain a 2.8 or above GPA, 3.0 or above for dual enrollment.
  • Students are required to complete all subjects for the previous year before advancing to the next grade level of work.
  • Pay tuition for the previous year in full before starting the following year.
  • Students are required to complete all assigned courses each year in 12 months or less.

Additional Information

The Early Graduation program is a challenging program designed for highly motivated and disciplined students who are prepared to work hard and wisely manage their time. The benefits of graduating early can be significant, including saving money on tuition, getting a head start on college or career, and earning a scholarship.

Extra tuition may be required if the student chooses the college prep course of study.

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