Christina Spencer

Bonjour! / Hola!

I am the new French and Spanish teacher at Western Christian Academy. I started my teaching career in Nevada; first in a one-mile square town and then online. I then moved to the Middle East where I had the opportunity to teach in Dubai. I now live in Sacramento where I also teach in brick-and-mortar school.

I am so grateful for my parents, who, knowing the importance of church, started taking me to church when I was one year old. This faith became my own as I grew. I made my confession of faith when I was seven years old and I am thankful for the Lord’s work in my heart.

In my free time, I love to be outside! I like to be active, running and riding my bike. I also like to travel and experience new cultures. Thus far, I have visited ten different countries, and look forward to visiting more in the future.

The Testimony of Christina Spencer

My parents started going to church when I was one-year-old. From a very young age, I heard about Jesus and His love for me. At seven, I realized I was a sinner and needed a savior. In March 1988, I confessed my sin and acknowledged my need for repentance. At nine years old, I asked to be baptized. My parents wanted to ensure this was coming from me, so they waited for me to bring it up. I wanted to follow Christ and his example of being baptized. While going under the water is not the saving power, it was a sign to the outside world of my commitment to follow Christ.

I am now heading into my 42nd year of life. A life that has many twists and turns: moving to places I never dreamed of or even heard of; lots of mountain highs and valley lows. But one thing has remained constant: Jesus is still the same.