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The WCA Community Site the place to be more involved your student’s education while also engaging with other families and the knowledgeable WCA staff.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do once you join:

  • Message Staff – opportunities like this are a great way to stay up to date with your student’s education, get quick responses for questions that come up, and get to know the people that help make WCA so great
  • Growing Community – it can be enriching and helpful to talk and engage with homeschooling Christian families just like you. Communities like this thrive when we come together for help and support, and you can help make it even bigger
  • Find Content and Resources – here at WCA, we’ve been creating content for decades. And we’re not going to stop. The community site is your home for all the educational resources we have, with more on the way
  • Specific Groups – we have specific state groups where you can engage with other WCA parents in your local region and help grow your local community
  • More to Come – this is just the start of the WCA community site. We’re looking forward to adding even more benefits, features, and opportunities for all of us

Just fill out the form, and you’ll be part of the ever-growing WCA community!

Here’s what people are saying about WCA

Chino Hills, CA


“My daughter is doing great! We will certainly be continuing this program for high school and continue to work towards our goal. Thank you!”

K. Hall from VA, Student


I believe that your school is excellent for me and others like myself, because I have learned so much!”

WCA Parent


“We love this school already. Great school wish I would of found it sooner for my child. The communication is great! Thanks so much!”

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