Curriculum by Grade

Child with box of crayons

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Western Christian Academy Elementary uses the Horizons pre-kindergarten program, putting your child on the path to success. Development of readiness skills …

kindergarten homeschool


Our curriculum options for kindergarten put your child on the path to success. Development of reading readiness skills in reading …

1st Grade

1st-2nd Grades

Western Christian Academy Elementary offers an accredited home school program in all 50 states! Western Christian Academy’s 1st and 2nd grade students …

3-6th grade homeschooling

3rd-6th Grades

Western Christian Academy offers five different programs for 3rd-6th to fit your budget and level of parent involvement. Parent Teacher Booklet …

6th grade homeschooling

7th Grade

Western Christian Academy offers two different programs for 7th grade to fit your budget and level of parent involvement. Online With …

high school homeschooling

8th-12th Grades

WCA offers accredited homeschooling for 8th graders in all 50 states! By assisting thousands of families for over 30 years, …

WCA Electives

WCA Electives

Middle School: Health Quest* (Semester) Keyboarding & Applications (Semester) State Histories (Semester) (7th-8th grade) High School: Business Courses: Business Computer …

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“Our daughter was accepted at Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Thank you for assisting in preparing her.”

Shannon C from GA


“I have 2 children enrolled with Western Christian Academy, and they both love the program. I can’t believe the grades they are receiving either. Both are doing so well that I have decided to enroll my other 2 children this fall as well. Thank you all for your help and support. We are looking forward to another great year with Western Christian Academy.”

R. Hall from KY


“We have greatly enjoyed the year and all the assistance you and your fellow co-workers and teachers have given us this year. Our son has made great strides in reading this year and I feel it is in large part due to Western Christian Academy and the phenomenal teachers and staff.”

Jamie from VA

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