Western Christian Academy and Returning Teacher Deb Quast

As we all know, life is a journey. We don’t know where we might end up, how we’ll get there, or what we’ll have to endure to get there.

But we do know that when we put our faith and trust in God, all things are possible. 

Challenges are put here for us to learn from, grow from, and overcome. 

Recently, one of our multi-subject teachers had a challenge in front of her and she must leave WCA to take care of her family and we completely support her in that decision and pray for her success. 

Deb Quast, a former teacher of ours, is returning to fill that space, which we’re eternally grateful for. 

Deb has gone through her own challenges in the last few years and was forced to leave WCA, unsure of what the future would hold for her. She put her trust in God and, when we needed her most, she was able to return. 

Here at WCA, we work hard to find the perfect fit whenever we look to add staff. It’s unfortunate we had to fill a role so quickly. That is a challenge.

But being able to fill that role with someone we know and trust and love like Deb is truly a gift and I hope you all share the same excitement we have!