Dual Enrollment

The dual enrollment courses are available for juniors and seniors.

All students are approved by WCA administration prior to be accepted at Barclay College.

Western Christian Academy (WCA) and Barclay College have created an opportunity to allow WCA students to enroll in online coursework through Barclay College. Barclay has full accreditation, making credit transfers more acceptable. Barclay Accreditation

Taking college classes while in high school can afford a student many benefits, including cost savings, a shortened educational timeline, assessment of college-readiness, and an introduction to the rigors of higher education. The online learning format allows students to participate in college courses around ongoing obligations at WCA as well as at an institution that matches the values of WCA, the students and their families. Recognizing these benefits, the College and WCA have worked cooperatively to develop a partnership between the two institutions that would allow for the enrollment of qualified students into lower division (100- and 200-level) online courses with the College.

Dual Enrollment Qualifications

The dual enrollment courses are available for juniors and seniors.

A minimum 3.0 GPA is required to enroll in courses. GPA’s from a 2.7 – 2.99 requires a letter of recommendation from school counselor.

Student has completed all 10th grade requirements.

Part-time students: Current transcript and letter of recommendation/confirmation from school counselor.

Dual Enrollment Policies

No more than 2 courses (6 credit hours) per semester.

Students must take courses specific to completion of the high school diploma as a first priority.

Dual Enrollment courses through Barclay College are considered as “Honors” courses and have a 5.0 grade scale.

Once a student has been awarded a high school diploma, General Equivalency Development certificate (GED), or other high school graduation certificate, they will no longer be able to enroll in Dual Enrollment courses. They will need to apply to a college degree program (resident or online).

Financial assistance is NOT available for Dual Enrollment students.

Students are responsible for all costs pertaining to Dual Enrollment courses with Barclay College (tuition, books, etc.).

Financial Information

Processing Fee – $50.00 per course paid to Western Christian Academy


  • $165.00/credit hour paid to Barclay College

100-200 Level Online Courses

CodeCourse TitleSemester offered
OBI205Bible Study MethodsFall 2020
OCJ211Criminal Justice SystemFall 2019
OCJ212Peace and Justice in the CommunitySpring 2020
OCJ222Christian Foundations of LawSpring 2020
OCJ223CorrectionsFall 2020
OCJ233Constitutional Law and Criminal ProcedureFall 2020
OCJ234Current Approaches to Restorative JusticeFall 2019
OCM100Intro to EvangelismFall 2020
OCM107Survey of MinistrySpring 2020
OEN101College Writingevery fall
OEN202Research and Writingevery spring
OHI100Quaker HistoryFall 2019
OHI101Intro to Church HistoryFall 2020
OMA103Beg & Int. AlgebraFall 2020
OMA108College AlgebraFall 2019
OMU111Music AppreciationFall 2020
ONS101General BiologySpring 2020
ONS121Physical ScienceSpring 2019
ONT102New Testament SurveySpring 2020
ONT241Synoptic GospelsSpring 2019
OOT101Old Testament SurveySpring 2019
OOT252Old Testament PoetrySpring 2020
OPH205Intro to Philosophyevery spring
OPM100Intro to Pastoral PreachingFall 2019
OPM101Intro to Pastoral Care/CounselingSpring 2020
OPM226Intro to Pastoral MinistrySpring 2019
OPY103General Psychologyevery fall
OPY204Marriage and FamilyFall 2019
OSO211Intro to SociologyFall 2019
OSP201Fundamentals of Speechevery spring
OSS221American Civil WarSpring 2019
OTH105Basic Christian DoctrineFall 2019
OTL202Transformational LeadershipFall 2019
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