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Hello! My name is Gracie. I am 16 years old and this is my second year at Western Christian Academy. I chose the school because of the Christian values and variety of courses. I plan on going into acting for film and television as well as learning about production and directing. One of the main reasons I like being homeschooled is because it gives me the flexibility to work at the campground in the summer months and travel in the winter months. I am very thankful for the help and encouragement that I receive from Western Christian Academy! I love my school, and I love my teachers!

Grace, Tobermory, Ontario


Western Christian Academy offers accredited online distance learning elective
 courses for part-time and full-time students in 8th – 12th grade.

73 Elective Courses and 20 Graduation Required

Western Christian Academy offers a wide variety of elective courses that allow your student to explore subjects that pique their interest or college/ career preparation courses. Western Christian Academy partners with vendors to offer courses in film and leadership to augment the Ignitia electives of historical eras, literature, advanced math, science, geography, health and wellness. Our college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into most universities and colleges. Because each college or university has its own specific entrance requirements, you will want to consult with your chosen school and our high school counselor to customize an academic program to meet the requirements of that institution. 

 * applies toward college preparatory
** a-g approved = Eligibility course for admission to the California State University and University of California, also applies toward college (*) preparatory

73 Elective Courses and 20 Graduation Required Course Listings

Bible (9th-12th grades – 4 one-year courses are required for graduation)                            

  • New Testament Survey (Full Year)
  • Old Testament Survey (Full Year)
  • Bible Doctrine (Full Year)
  • Christian Faith and Living (Full Year)
  • Foundations for Living (Full Year)

Language Arts (9th-12th grades – 4 one-year courses are required for graduation)

  • English I (Full Year) *
  • English II (Full Year) *
  • English III (Full Year) *
  • English VI (Full Year) *

Language Arts Electives                  

  • American Literature (Semester)
  • British Literature (Semester)
  • English I Fundamentals (Full Year Course) **
  • English II Fundamentals (Full Year Course) **

Mathematics Courses (9th – 12th grades – 3 one-year are courses required for graduation)

  • Consumer Math (Full Year Course)
  • Algebra I Fundamentals (Full Year Course) **
  • Integrated Math 1 (Full Year Course) **
  • Algebra II Fundamentals (Full Year Course) **
  • Algebra I (Full Year) *             
  • Algebra II* (Full Year)                  
  • Geometry* (Full Year)                     
  • Trigonometry** (Semester)

Mathematics Elective Courses

  • Pre-Calculus (Full Year)                 
  • Probability & Statistics A (Semester) and B (Semester)  

Social Science Courses (9th – 12th grades – 4 one-year courses are required for graduation)

  • World Geography (Full Year) *
  • World History (Full Year) *
  • American History (Full Year) *
  • Government & Economics (Full Year) *

Social Science Elective Courses

  • 20th Century American History (Semester)
  • Economics (Semester) **
  • Civics (Semester)
  • Vietnam Era History (Semester)
  • 20th Century American History (Semester) *
  • Civics (Semester)
  • Vietnam Era History* (Semester)

    Science Courses (9th – 12th grades – 3 one-year courses are required for graduation)
  • Earth Science (Full Year Course)
  • General Science III (Full Year Course)
  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Full Year Course) 
  • Biology (Full Year)
  • Chemistry (Full Year)
  • Physics (Full Year)

Foreign Languages (9th – 12th grades – two 1-year courses are required for College Preparatory and Honors)

  • French I (Full Year) *
  • French II (Full Year) *
  • Spanish I (Full Year Course) **
  • Spanish II (Full Year Course) **
  • Spanish III (Full Year Course) *

Health Education (9th – 12th grades – 4 one semester courses are required for graduation)

  • High School Health (Semester) *
  • Physical Education (Semester) *
  • Physical Fitness (Semester) *

*Required elective courses to fulfill the PE and Health credit requirements

73 Elective Courses


  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Application I  (Semester)
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Application II  (Semester)
  • Business Computer Information
  • Systems (Full Year Course)
  • Digital Literacy (Semester)

Business Management & Administration

  • Career Management (Semester)

  • Essentials of Business (Semester)

  • Essentials of Communication (Semester)

  • Business Law (Semester) **
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship (Semester) **
  • Technology & Business (Full Year Course)

    College Preparation
  • ACT Test Prep (Semester)
  • College Planner (Semester)

Education & Training

  • Introduction to Careers in Education & Training (Semester) **
  • Teaching & Training Careers (Semester)

Engineering, Architecture, Construction

  • Engineering & Design (Semester) **
  • Engineering & Product Development (Semester) **
  • Construction Careers (Semester) **
  • Introduction to Careers in Architecture & Construction (Semester) **

Filmmaking (Partnering with FS4T) 

Fine Arts

  • Essentials of Communication (Semester)
  • Music Appreciation (Semester) **
  • Music Theory (Semester **

Government & Public Administration

  • Introduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration (Semester) **
  • HABITUDES  Synchronous Teacher led classes
    The Art of Leading Yourself
  • The Art of Spiritual Leadership

Health Science

  • Psychology (Semester) **
  • Careers in Allied Health (Semester) **
  • Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities & Unlimited Potential (Semester) **

Human Services

  • Introduction to Consumer Services (Semester) **
  • Family and Consumer Science (Full Year)

Information Technology

  • Business Computer Information Systems (Full Year)
  • Computer Science Principles (Full Year)
  • Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Semester) *
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media (Semester) *
  • Fund of Programming Software Development (Semester) *
  • Introduction to Computer Science (Full Year)
  • Intro to Information Technology* (Semester)
  • Introduction to Information Technology Support and Services (Semester)
  • Intro to Network Systems (Semester) *
  • Network System Design (Semester) *
  • New Apps: Web Development in the 21st Century (Semester) *
  • Office 2013 Application I (Semester)
  • Office 2013 Application II (Semester)
  • Software Development Tools (Semester) *
  • Technology & Business (Full Year Course)


  • Careers in Marketing Research (Semester) **

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

  • Careers in Logistics Planning & Management Services (Semester) **
  • Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics (Semester) **


Electives (Current Students)

Elective Course w/TOC (8th-12th)

Yearly: $350

Semester: $175

Part-Time, Credit Recovery & Summer School-Online Curriculum-Non Refundable

Full Year Course/Including Registration

Yearly: $475

Semester Course/Including Registration

Semester: $300

Refund Policy
Refunds due to withdrawal are as follows:

  1. Student withdrawal before the curriculum sent or curriculum set up online: 100%
  2. Student withdrawal during the school year:no refund.
  3. Student withdrawal by Western Christian Academy administration: no refund

Financial Requirements
The non-refundable family registration fee of $150.00 is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made online or by calling the office with your payment information. The first tuition payment is due two weeks before the student’s start date. Tuition is non-refundable after materials are received or curriculum is set up online.

* There is a substantial savings if the tuition is paid yearly

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