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INTRODUCING 2019-2020 WCA 8th-Grade & 7th-Grade Students, Ellison and Jedidiah Buagbe

Jedidiah and Ellison are 8th and 7th-grade students of WCA respectively.  They are from Ghana but our family moved to Russia for a couple of years for my tour of duty there. 

The lack of English speaking schools with a strong Christian foundation in Russia had us looking elsewhere and fortunately, we discovered Western Christian Academy.  The boys love the flexible study structure of the school which allows them to keep up despite the massive time zone difference.  The amazing teachers who go the extra mile for the boys make their learning experience even that much more enjoyable.  Jedidiah and Ellison both enjoy playing videogames, drawing, and baking together.  They recently became interested in creating 2D animations.  The boys are each other’s best friend.  They are very energetic and talkative; Jed more so than Ellison.  They are very curious and can enjoy going on conversational tangents about very particular things.

Jedidiah’s favorite subjects are Mathematics and Science.  Ellison loves Math also.  Jed aspires to be an architect and Ellison’s love for videogames makes him want to become a game designer.

WCA has been a blessing to us and has helped the boys gain independence in their learning process.  We look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship with WCA!

September 16, 2019
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