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Is this Homeschooling?

Students are enrolled in a fully accredited private school. The term “homeschooling” at Western Christian Academy simply refers to a location where students learn. This could be at home, on the road, or wherever they have internet access. WCA provides the students with a full spectrum of courses through its curriculum, thereby freeing up the parents struggling to decide which curriculum(s) to use. In addition, WCA provides diplomas, transcripts, grade reports, and many of the other benefits of a traditional private school

How will family vacations affect the daily schedule/assignments?

Enrollment in Western Christian Academy provides great flexibility for families to be families. We want you to spend time together outside of academia, building strong relationships that will last a lifetime. Communication is the key. Please let us know when you will be gone and if the student(s) will not have access to their work. Once you return, the students work can be rescheduled so that they are not overloaded with past due assignments. Communication is the key.

Are you accredited?

Yes. Grades K-12 are accredited nationally and internationally through AdvancED (NCA CASI) and the National Association of Private Schools.

Can my student enroll anytime?

Yes. Our open enrollment schedule allows students to enroll year round. After you complete the enrollment process, your student will be given a customized calendar to complete the school work.

How does WCA help my child learn?

Using an individualized structure with a mastery-based model, we require students to reach a pass threshold for each lesson before moving forward with the following lessons. Students who require additional review are provided multiple attempts to work through the instructions, answer questions, and solve problems. With this “focused learning” feature, students continue working until they master the material in that lesson.

Can students work at their own pace?

Yes. As long as we see that your student is making consistent progress, we allow a lot of flexibility in the weekly schedule. Please keep in mind that they will need to stay on track to finish by the deadline – 6 months for semester courses or 12 months for full-year courses.

As a parent, do I have to be a certified teacher?

No. Since we are a private school, our parents do not have to be state certified. Since state requirements change frequently, we recommend that you check your state government’s educational website to make sure you are meeting current requirements for online schools or school from home.

All 3rd-12th grade students using our Teacher On Call (TOC) program are assigned to highly qualified WCA teachers. 

Do you require someone to be with my student during school hours?

Yes. We understand that older students may not need as much oversight, but we require a responsible adult to be consciously aware of the student’s work and progress.

Do I need to keep attendance records?

No. We keep all attendance records through the online program. Your student’s daily time on task is recorded, and this report can be accessed anytime by parents and WCA staff.

Will my student receive holiday breaks?

Yes. You will be given a school calendar that lists all of the scheduled holidays.

If my student transfers to another school will they accept the credits earned at WCA?

Every school has the right to deny or accept credits, but since we are a nationally accredited school, we have never had a school refuse to accept our credits.

What can I do if my child needs help with the courses?

CALL US! If your students need instructional help in one of the subjects, they will be able to call our teachers anytime during office hours. Your students will also be able to leave messages to their teachers inside specific problems and lessons.

Will my student be able to take a standardized test?

Yes. We provide this testing in the spring. The cost for this testing is included in your tuition. Some states require certain grade levels to take standardized testing. In most cases, you can submit our test results to meet this requirement. Please check your state government’s education website for current information. 

Are we required to register with our state if we enroll in your online school?

Laws vary from state to state. Some states recognize distance (online) learning as an official category for education. Other states recognize the status of the online school but require the parents to register as a homeschool. We recommend that you check your state government’s educational website to make sure you are meeting current requirements for online schools or school from home.

Can my child do two years' work in one school year?

Yes. The minimum time frame for a full-year course is 6 months, so your child could be allowed to complete more than a year’s work in one year. However, we will need to verify the academic integrity of the work before assigning the next year’s courses. We will also need the first year tuition paid in full before we can setup the new school year courses. 

Do PE or extracurricular activities count towards credit for graduation?

Yes. We provide an Activity Log form in which students can keep track of their time. Students should average 45 minutes of actual activity time 5 days a week or 225 minutes of activity per week.

How much time is required each day (M-F) for my student to complete their daily work?

An average of 4-6 hrs. per day is required to maintain the daily assigned work. However, the time can vary based upon the grade level and the type of assignment given.

How long does the enrollment process take?

The enrollment process begins after we receive the completed application and registration fee. At that time, we will request records from the previous school and setup placement testing for the student. Records must be received and placement testing must be completed before the enrollment process can be finalized. The above process is typically completed in less than 10 business days.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Yearly, semester, quarterly, and monthly payment options are provided for your convenience.

Does WCA send report cards?

Yes. We send out report cards at the end of each semester. You can also view your student’s grades through the online program at any point during the school year.

Will your program prepare my student for college?

Yes. WCA’s structure greatly prepares students for today’s college course structure. WCA students receive extensive experience with the same type of procedures used in many college courses, so they are less distracted with non-academic procedures. Our college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into universities and colleges. Each college or university has its own entrance requirements. Therefore, you will want to consult with the chosen school to tailor a high school program which meets specific requirements of that institution. Students will be provided a school number for use with FAFSA college financial assistance and college entrance exams.

Over 95% of WCA graduates feel prepared and equipped for college.

What type of multimedia is included in the online courses?

 Our courses were designed for hands-on interaction through clickable media elements. Created to give a truly multi-dimensional learning experience, these courses are infused with over 50,000 media enhancements, including video clips, digitial tutors, slide shows, animation, dynamic learning games, historical timelines, optional web links, and hands-on exercises that bring learning to life.

What are the basic system requirements for the online program?

You will need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high-speed internet connection, and a standard web browser. Ignitia does support tablets/iPads, however, it is important to note that Ignitia is tablet “friendly”, not tablet “compatible.” For example: Resizing. The screen doesn’t adjust to the device since Ignitia is not a mobile application. If you are you using an iPad you might want to keep these things in mind:

Flash compatibility. Although we have moved primarily to Html5, there are still flash elements within Ignitia. As iPads are not themselves able to utilize flash, students could experience issues particularly in foreign language courses. In some cases a flash-enabled browser may need to be installed.

We have some known issues with older iOS versions causing an irregular and random issue where students may get a “low on e-cash” message even though the school does not utilize e-cash. Additionally some older versions of iPads may not have, or be able to have, the latest supported web browser versions.

Sometimes, students have trouble logging into Ignitia, as tablets tend to capitalize the first letter typed in the password that you cannot see. This is not a large issue, but can be frustrating to students.

For the most part, iPads can be used successfully as long as you understand that there are some things to watch for and be cognizant of. It’s important to note that Ignitia was not originally designed to work on tablets of any kind, so things will be a little different looking, but functionality should be very similar.

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