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Students are enrolled in a fully accredited private school.

The term “homeschooling” at Western Christian Academy simply refers to a location where students learn. This could be at home, on the road, or wherever they have internet access. WCA provides the students with a full spectrum of courses through its curriculum, thereby freeing up the parents struggling to decide which curriculum(s) to use. In addition, WCA provides diplomas, transcripts, grade reports, and many of the other benefits of a traditional private school.

Accredited Home Schooling - Christian Home school

What are the basic system requirements for the online program?

You will need a PC or Macintosh computer, a high-speed internet connection, and a standard web browser. Ignitia does support tablets/iPads, however, it is important to note that Ignitia is tablet “friendly”, not tablet “compatible.” For example: Resizing. The screen doesn’t adjust to the device since Ignitia is not a mobile application. If you are you using an iPad you might want to keep these things in mind:

Flash compatibility.
Although we have moved primarily to Html5, there are still flash elements within Ignitia. As iPads are not themselves able to utilize flash, students could experience issues particularly in foreign language courses. In some cases a flash-enabled browser may need to be installed.

Older iOS versions.
We have some known issues with older iOS versions causing an irregular and random issue where students may get a “low on e-cash” message even though the school does not utilize e-cash. Additionally some older versions of iPads may not have, or be able to have, the latest supported web browser versions.

iPads and Tablets.
Sometimes, students have trouble logging into Ignitia, as tablets tend to capitalize the first letter typed in the password that you cannot see. This is not a large issue, but can be frustrating to students.

For the most part, iPads can be used successfully as long as you understand that there are some things to watch for and be cognizant of. It’s important to note that Ignitia was not originally designed to work on tablets of any kind, so things will be a little different looking, but functionality should be very similar.

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