WCA February Newsletter 2020

Western Christian Academy Teachers & Staff want to thank you for enabling us to come alongside of you and your family.

We are blessed and honored to assist your family by providing a quality academic program presented from a Christian worldview, through individualized instruction and affordability.

What is love?

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

Love is instilling HOPE! WCA places students in their functional level without changing their grade level. By doing so, we provide for HOPE for the students who feel hopeless.


College Credit with a Christian Worldview

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Teach your students…How to make an Entrance!

Teach your child to enter a room confidently. Have them practice walking into the kitchen or living room with their back straight and head held high, then have them greet you walking looking you in the eye. It’ll make a good impression on others. It will also help your student/s feel more confident. This is a skill that they will need throughout their lives.

Important Upcoming Events

FEBRUARY 14th – Valentine’s Day

FEBRUARY 17th – President’s Day School Holiday – SCHOOL CLOSED!

MARCH 8th – Daylight Savings Time begins

APRIL 1st – MAY 8th – WCA Standardized testing



Standardized testing is a measuring tool in which student learning is measured throughout their academic school years. WCA uses it for 2 specific reasons:

1. Valid student placement. It provides a secondary measurement that verifies the student’s Placement

2. It provides a measurement for student improvement over time, demonstrating strengths and weaknesses in student learning.

Please note: WCA does not use Standardized Testing to compare students or our school to another school. The testing is used solely for internal purposes to improve student learning.

Families Corner…Take up a Hobby!

Instigate one night per week as FAMILY NIGHT!

Having a special way to occupy your student’s mind and hands may help your teen and tweens be less inclined to reach for their phone. Have you noticed their anxiety as they strive to keep up with their messages? What if you started teaching them the old fashioned art of conversation or story telling which teaches them to be creative and think logically? Invite their friends over to participate in a story telling night. Everyone can bring their favorite snack to share. Allow them to make their own pizza with everyone bringing their favorite toppings. Teach them that everything does not have to come out of the frozen food
section of the store. Teach them to cook their favorites as one day they will need to know how to do these basic things that you as a parent learned in Home Economics class. Get them hooked on doing puzzles, painting rocks, drawing, carpentry, wood carving, chess, board games, fishing, camping, crocheting, embroidery, sewing, scrapbooking to name a few.

As weather permits…Bundle up and go for a walk or hike. Go bowling, fishing, roller skating, ice skating. Teach them to cook some of their favorite foods.

Make a trip to the library as a family. Teach them the fun and challenge of doing cross word puzzles which can also help sharpen their minds. while at the same time encouraging them to think.

Keep calculators, clocks, and flashlights around the house so that your children won’t be grabbing their phones for these functions, which leads to checking their messages, email, texts, or Instagram.

Go outside at night and help them locate different star formations. Enroll in a gym and go as a family, encouraging one another to reach their fitness goals. Make it a competition!

Download a screen tracking application on your phone. Whoever has the least amount of phone time at the end of 1 week, gets to pick the dvd or film and or movie snack for Family Movie Night!

Note from a WCA Parent:

What Lindsey’s Parents are saying:

Her favorite thing about Western Christian Academy is how her teachers are always willing to listen and help; it seems like they won’t quit working until they are sure that their students have mastered the subject in which they are working. The BIGGEST LESSON Western Christian Academy has taught Lindsey is to embrace a challenge, for challenges are just another opportunity to learn something new.

At WCA, we understand that the role of the parent is essential to the success of the student.

Caring staff and technical support are available for parents, and qualified teachers are available to our students for tutoring and support. As a distance learning school, we serve students from all fifty states and several countries, and we believe that our focus on individualized education allows us to adapt to the learning needs of each one of our students.



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