James Christiansen


One of my favorite verses is: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

I am the High School History Teacher and an Elementary Multi- Subject Teacher at Western Christian Academy. Previously, I have taught in the public schools, business, and the military. I hold a Bachelor of History degree from San Jose State University. I come from a long line of Veterans; my grandfather (immigrant from Denmark and Army doughboy in WW1), my dad (Navy Lieutenant Junior Grade, Korean War) and me (Marine Corps Captain mostly in the 1980’s). During my time in the military, I flew and jumped out of aircraft, rode tanks, and taught naval gunfire and logistics. Traveling is one of my joys and I have visited several countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Family is very important to me! I have much to be proud of coming from a large family of five boys with loving parents. I am now a grandpa to five amazing grandchildren. I love sports and have lettered and coached sports and enjoy watching my California pro-teams win. Being health minded, I also enjoy sharing health tips with people and keeping myself fit. Finally, I have a passion for ministry. It was a blessing to work as the area director for youth through Campus Life/Youth for Christ and Young Life, Singles’ Ministries, and Christian Music.

The Testimony of James Christiansen

My Testimony of Being a Follower of Christ Jesus. In my senior year of high school, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I had grown up, and had been raised mostly in a community of Los Gatos, CA. My Dad had a Law Practice in San Jose, CA, and my mom was a stay at home mom raising five sons and no daughters. I went to Westmont High School and was an active leader in Boy Scouts, JROTC, and a youth leader at a Los Gatos Church. I also participated in football, soccer, and track, while at Westmont High.

While in high school, I was invited to several meetings and functions by Youth for Christ/Campus Life leaders. At a New Year’s Party, a counselor took me aside and asked me to read John 3:16 out loud, and then asked me if I believed. I looked at him, and said “Yes.” He then said, ” Welcome into the family of believers.” That night changed my life forever!!

I had thought I had always known God. The weird thing was, in those 18 years attending church, and also being a high school leader at that church. I don’t remember hearing that verse or being prompted to receive that beautiful promise of salvation.

Life after would not be easy as a Born Again Christian. My parents told me I had already been baptized, and they thought I was a Christian, because I went to church. I told them that is not what the Bible says, and they thought my new found faith would wear off. I then was directed to the Pastor, and had a meeting with him. He, too, was skeptical about my faith. I told him that we needed Jesus in our church, and then he proceeded to give me some books and told me I needed to go to seminary. After that I could come back, and teach. Wow, that meeting was a little bit discouraging; however, there was a Bible believing church in the area, and I decided to attend it on my own. There I got baptized, and after high school, I became one of the youngest District Leaders of YFC in the area, and maybe the country. Then shortly after, I went on to College at San Jose State (got my BA in History), and became an Officer in the Marine Corps. In the meantime, I enjoyed sharing Jesus and my faith.

Has the Christian life been easy? No!! When I think about our Savior’s walk to Calvary, I have nothing to complain about. He truly is my everything.

I have had several jobs since. Some in the secular world and some in ministry. I enjoy my time at WCA. Not only can I teach and engage in history, but I have a mission to share the love of Christ while teaching. God is so good!!