Jodi Jordan

I love being a part of the education team at Western Christian Academy. The road that led me to this point started with earning my bachelor’s degree in accounting and a multiple subject teaching credential from California State University, Fresno. For fifteen years, I worked in public education in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains

When God began to draw me back into relationship with Him, together with my husband, we were given the opportunity to homeschool our two children. What seemed like a huge and scary undertaking, ended up being the biggest blessing I could imagine. I was able to realize my heart’s desire to be a stay-at-home mom and my children excelled in the more relaxed approach to schooling.

Growing closer to my Lord prepared me for the tragedy that befell my family. After thirty-two years, my marriage ended. Although this was by far the hardest thing I have ever faced, God was with me and I never doubted his presence and guidance. Psalm 27 has always been encouraging to me. This time in the wilderness has only made me stronger.

Having to reenter the workforce after thirteen years found me back in public education as a reading remediation and intervention teacher. I love helping kids learn and thankfully I was led to Western Christian Academy where God once again provided a blessing I could not imagine. Here my heart’s desire is to teach and glorify God.

I am here to serve. I pray your adventure with Western Christian Academy blesses your socks off!

The Testimony of Jodi Jordan

When I got to high school, my sister started dating a guy who went to church. I grew up only going to church occasionally, like at Christmas and Easter. We started going every Sunday. Every Sunday the pastor gave an invitation. I answered the call in my heart many times. But after much time had gone by, I was never brave enough to walk to the front to declare Jesus as my Lord!

At summer camp, we were asked to have a quiet time with God. I finally just asked Him. “Am I saved, God?” At that moment a very soft rain began to fall. But more than that, I knew in my spirit that God was speaking. He was confirming that yes, I was His, and I was washed clean. You never forget moments like this!

Going to college and working was stressful for me. Unfortunately, I did not make good choices. One of those choices was not going to church. This continued for many years. I got married, had kids, was working, and felt empty.

Our good God whispered to me again and wooed me back to Him. Eventually, my family became part of the body of Christ, and joined a church.

I’ve never gone back to living without God. Together we have navigated life’s trials and tragedies. I have hope for my future. I’m learning to be bold about declaring the truth and making disciples. I live in peace. I can’t imagine living in this world any other way! Jesus is my Lord! Is he yours?