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Knowing that a school’s success is only as strong it’s families, we earnestly appreciate your prayers and support. At WCA, academic standards are, without apology, very high.

WCA trains youth of every ability in the highest principles of Christian character, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity and good citizenship. Western Christian Academy stands for high standards of morality and wisdom.

“Train up a child in the way that he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6

Please keep reading to meet 8th Grade Student Ella and her parents.

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Rance Reeves

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From the Heart of WCA Parents

We are Shane and Tara Madison, Ella’s parents. We have 3 children, Alex 25 years, Gregory 23 years, and Ella 14 years. We have a beautiful granddaughter, Lily who is 4 years old. WCA has been an incredible blessing to our family. We have been a homeschooling family for 11 years. Last summer I researched many online alternatives and was very excited when I came across Western Christian Academy and all that it had to offer.

For our family, it was a perfect fit. We appreciate the individualized learning and the ability that Ella has had to learn at her own pace.

We appreciate the one-on-one connection she has had with her teachers. Although many miles separate them, she has come to know and love each one of them.

As we finish up and reflect on this year, Ella has had great growth this year, from understanding math to developing a love for her state history. She has always had a passion and talent in writing. It has been a wonderful blessing to see her grow as a writer this year. As she is discovering many things about her desires and passions, it seems that a career in writing might be up her alley.

Thank you to WCA and the incredible staff for pouring your hearts into our daughter this year. By the response she has had from her teachers, you would have thought that Ella was their only one.

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Meet 8th Grade WCA Student: Eleanor “ELLA” Madison

Hi, I am Ella Madison. I am 14 years old and in the 8th grade at WCA.

If I had to describe my personality in 3 words, it would have to be joyful, creative, and funny. I share my smile and joy with everyone around me each day, to share positivity and make this world a brighter place. I enjoy editing and posting content for my youtube channel to stay creative. I am always making some kind of joke to lighten the mood or just make those around me laugh. I have always been involved in sports. I ran a half marathon in the Spring of 2019, placing 1st in my age

I have Cystic Fibrosis, also known as CF, which is a genetic disease that affects every organ in my body with sticky mucus, except my brain and heart. I advocate and raise funds for a cure. For some of my projects this year, I have been able to write about Cystic Fibrosis, which has given my
teachers a way to know me and what I go through on a daily basis. I am a very social person and one of my favorite things to do is to hang out with my family and friends.

At a public school everyone is moving at the same pace and doing things all at once. At WCA, your work is personalized to you and the teachers are amazing and understanding. I have had multiple phone conversations with teachers in a subject or lesson that I am struggling in, and I have been able to not only correct my mistakes, but understand where I went wrong and learn from it.

I enjoy doing online school with WCA because I am able to work at my own pace and understand what I am working on, before having to move on.