We absolutely love Western Christian Academy and had a great first year being a part of such a loving staff! We cannot wait to continue Brooklyn’s education with Western Christian Academy! The curriculum offers a challenge which pushes each student to excel above the rest without being too overwhelming!

Onto First Grade, we go!

Lacey R, Powell, Wyoming


Our curriculum for kindergarten includes a complete Learning To Read Program that puts your child on the path to reading success.

Our personalized Learning To Read Program for kindergarten puts your child on the path to reading success. Daily parent involvement is an essential requirement to build a strong parent student relationship that will last a life time. The learning program ensures reading readiness and basic math skills for your student through biblically-based lessons and hands-on learning activities. Language Arts, Phonics, Math and Age of Learning online lessons expand your student’s mastery of good reading skills; as they learn to identify the names and sounds of letters through media stories and picture associations. Your student will be able to read upon the completion of the program.

Parent Involvement – Essential Involvement

  • Read daily with your child
  • Follow and administer detailed daily lesson plans
  • Follow and provide instruction for lessons and hands-on learning activities
  • Lead the interactive educational activities
  • Utilize memory verse cards and alphabet flash cards as instructed
  • Use multimedia CD that reinforces key topics as instructed

Learning to Read Program Includes

  • K-8 counselor
  • Horizons Math Books 1 & 2 with Teacher’s Guide
  • LIFEPAC Language Arts Books 1 & 2 with Teacher’s Guide
  • ABC’s with Ace & Christi – student book, score key, review manual, and CD with letter building songs
  • Alphabet flash cards
  • ABC’s of Reading student book and Teacher’s guide
  • Age of Learning – computer-based learning with monthly assessment More Information
  • Staff support to answer your questions along the way

Horizons Math

From counting and place value to comparisons and fractions, Horizons Math Kindergarten provides both a fun and functional way for students to learn basic math skills that become the building blocks for learning. Math concepts are presented within 160 colorful student lessons, each lesson providing a review and presenting new material. A Teacher Handbook comes with student worksheets, answer keys, teaching tips, and additional activities to provide resources for parents to help the learning process.

LIFEPAC Language Arts

This curriculum is a phonetically based word recognition and early reading program. Students learn to identify the names and sounds of each letter through picture association with an alphabet story. This creative and colorful approach makes learning fun.

ABC’s with Ace & Christi

This curriculum is used to build mastery of letters and sounds and blends through flashcards, CD sing-a-long and hand-on booklet review.

Age of Learning

Personalized online mastery learning for Reading and Math (from the creators of ABC Mouse)

Curriculum Samples

Horizons Math Student Book 1
Horizons Math Student Book 2
Horizons Math Teacher’s Guide
Lifepac Kinder LA Sample Book 1
Lifepac Kinder LA Sample Book 2
Lifepac Kinder LA Sample Teacher’s Guide
ABCs with Ace and Christi Student Book Sample
ABCs with Ace and Christi Review Manual
ABCs of Reading Student Book
ABCs of Reading Teacher’s Guide
ABCs Flashcards

Financial Requirements

The non-refundable family registration fee of $150.00 is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made online or by calling the office with your payment information. The first tuition payment is due two weeks before the student’s start date. Tuition is non-refundable after materials are received or curriculum is set up online.

* By paying the yearly tuition there is a substantial savings.


Kindergarten Kit includes 1 online Age of Learning License Yearly: $500 Semester: $300