Lindy Fink

I love partnering with parents and teachers at Western Christian Academy to assist with ensuring the academic success of each child. As your advocate, my role is to prayerfully come alongside each of you, to encourage, be a resource, and pray for you. I look forward to answering any questions or concerns you may have during your time with us and how I may support and pray for you.

I have been married to my husband who is also a Pastor for over twenty-eight years. Together, we have six children, all of which we homeschooled. Four of our children graduated and continued to college and three of them are married with their own families. Our remaining two children are homeschooled through online distance learning. While this educational path has not always been easy, it has been God’s direction for our family.

Throughout my eighteen years of homeschooling, I have tried many different curriculums and approaches. My prayer is that I can be a great support and resource for each of you as you travel along your journey with your own children, and that I can complement what God is already doing in your family.

Testimony of Lindy Fink

I was born into a Christian family. My parents actually got saved when they were pregnant with me. We attended church regularly, as a family. At the age of 5, I asked Jesus into my heart with my Dad. I didn’t fully grasp what it meant, but I knew I wanted Jesus with me every day, all the time, and that I was a sinner. My parents made me wait until I was in 8th grade to get baptized. They wanted to make sure I understood what it meant to follow Jesus and what baptism represented.

In high school, I made some bad choices and I learned to live the life of a chameleon, being one way at youth group and another way with my school friends. By my junior year in high school, I went to a church summer camp, where I chose to rededicate my life to Christ. I decided that I didn’t want to hide my relationship with Jesus anymore. I wanted to live fully for him, even around my non-Christian friends.

In college, I was tempted to stray back into making bad choices, but God put me among several Christians in the dorms, where I also met my husband. It was so exciting to be able to be completely open about what I was learning from the Lord with him and share all the new and exciting things about God with someone else. We knew pretty quickly that God brought us together and we married within a year of meeting each other.

Over our marriage, God has blessed us with six amazing kids, four kids-in-law and three grandchildren. Being a wife and a mother, God continues to grow me and challenge me. I didn’t want to become a pastor’s wife, but God had other plans. I didn’t want to homeschool our kids, but again, God won that battle. What I have learned from looking back on my life is that God will always have His way in my life, because I want Him to. I don’t even want to imagine a life where I try to figure things out on my own again.

We do not live in a vacuum. What I mean by that is we are not alone on our journey through life. He puts other people in our path on purpose. He gives us stories in our lives that we are to share with others along the way. I know that because we are all on the same journey of life together, fighting the same enemy, with mostly the same temptations and desires, our stories help each other. Our stories are not our own. They encourage each other. Don’t be afraid to share your story with others. Remember that even though God may not save you from your trials, He will absolutely bring you through them.

Satan continues to lie to me and tell me I’m not good enough: not a good enough mom, not a good enough wife, not a good enough child of God, etc. But, you know what? It doesn’t matter. I’m good enough in God’s eyes. He made me and as long as I stay yielded to His will and obey Him, then I am absolutely good enough. I am a beautiful mess and I know that God loves me and when I doubt that, I have my messy story that I can look back on and see where God blessed me, and what He has brought me through. I am always reminded of the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and how Christ did not save them FROM the fire, He was with them THROUGH the fire. He has definitely been with me through the fires in my life. He has allowed me to grow and submit my life to Him on my own. He has been faithful, good and constant in His love for me. I strive to be the same for Him.