Happy Spring!

National Day Of Prayer – May 6th!

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
2 Corinthians 3:17

Our prayer theme for this year intercedes for America by asking the Holy Spirit to pour out true Love, Life and Liberty over our nation. We pray He will soften hard hearts and heal broken ones as we engage, encourage, and equip the Church to love and live in the fullness of Christ as an example of the liberty, the abundant life, that we experience in Jesus.

The world and culture are shifting sand, a moving target of popular trends that come and go like the wind. Just when you think you have arrived the train leaves the station and you are left abandoned, “canceled,” irrelevant, invisible.

Jesus came that we could have real life; real love that won’t walk out on you, and real liberty that breaks every chain of pain and shame, that erases our sin with the freedom of forgiveness. Perhaps you know someone who desperately need God’s love, life, and liberty. Will you join us in interceding for our nation?

Kathy Branzell, President

National Day of Prayer Task Force

WCA staff unites in prayer for you, and on behalf of our nation daily!

Important Upcoming Events

May 6th – National Day of Prayer

May 9th – Mother’s Day

May 15th – Armed Forces Day

May 28th – End of 2nd Semester, 4th Quarter and 180 day school year!

May 31st – Memorial Day – WCA Office Closed. Remember the Fallen.

Spring & Graduation Is In The Air!

WCA has students graduating every month of the year.
Now is the time of year when we see many of our students graduating, and others who are nearing the
Thank you parents, and students for all of your hard work, and commitment!

Congratulations to our newest WCA 2020-2021 Graduates!

We are so proud of you!



Oren Bennett
Isabella Droste
Virginia Dube
Scarlett Kirkpatrick
Scarlett Razo

Middle School

Wei Hao Cheong
Wei Xiang Cheong
Kiara Christensen
Graham Dempsey
Casen Gines
Cody Hayden
Phoenix Howell
Adven Tur Peleo
Hudson Trail
William Waln
Braeden Wilding

High School

Steven Barrick Jr.
Christian Boesch
Contessa Cser
Samarthya Daliya
Trent Firzlaff
Mason Hollingsworth
Thomas Kuerzi Jr.
Kylie Lund
Peyton McCarthy
Destiny Robinson
Mylee Welch

Graduation & New Beginnings!

The season of graduation and new beginnings can stir a confusing mix of emotions for many parents. It’s a time of great celebration and new starts, yet the letting go process can bring some pain too.

Parenting is often just about that – a constant learning to let go; it’s a journey through the years. Whether they’re taking their next steps towards kindergarten, we’re watching them head off to college, or straight into their first big job, it can be difficult for us as parents.

But there’s hope! Our children are His. No matter where they go, or how old they are, they are in His care. They are in His hands. He has great purpose for them in this life and that’s the very best place we can let them go. In a dark world, that can be soul-wrenchingly difficult at times.

We often want to keep holding on, tightly. It’s a daily process to learn to let go, through all stages of parenting. As we entrust them straight into the care of our powerful and loving God, we can be assured that He sees, He knows, and is there with them, always. He is able to care for our most precious ones, even far better than we ever could on our own.

Education In Truth

True education is obtained through God.

The Bible is an incredible source for us to learn, understand, and teach all forms of knowledge.

Click on the Red Button! In this webinar, we’ll take a detailed and revealing look at the truth of education and the lessons we find in the Bible, and how we can strengthen our knowledge and our relationship with God at the same time.

Introducing the Carson Family…

Kit, Ream, & Students…

Samuel, Joseph & Adah

Missionaries to Cambodia

Read through the newsletter to learn more about this amazing family and their “Greater Heart School” in Cambodia!

Keep reading as there’s so much more to come!
Greater Hope School in Cambodia

Keep reading to learn more about this school

and the amazing family who started it all!

WCA Kid’s Korner…


Fun With Science

Solar S’mores
Make S’mores using the Sun!

Part 1: Using the light from the sun to melt chocolate.

Part 2: Using solar magnification to melt a marshmallow.

Send us a short video showing the process, explaining the process as you do it for an opportunity
to be featured in our WCA School Newsletter.

Reading Corner: As the lazy, hazy days of summertime are fast upon us, encourage your children to read.
Consider setting up a “Reading Corner” to encourage your children to read. Audio tapes with sound effects that they can listen to as they read, using ear phones are another option. This can help them with their reading skills and to increase their vocabulary and overall knowledge.

Take them shopping for a new book! Listen to what their interests are and then purchase books for them to read or get them their own library card and let them check out books. ***Local libraries often sell books every quarter for almost nothing so they are an excellent resource.
Help your students to DISCOVER the thrill and joy of reading! Then show your interest and talk with them about what they are reading.

Next Month: Children’s Summer Book Reading List

May Book List For Parents:

“The Key to a Child’s Heart” By Gary Smalley

“The Key to your Child’s Heart” is an excellent books for parents.

Some topics covered are:

How Open is Your Child’s Spirit?

84 Ways We Can Offend Our Children

5 Steps to Reopen Your Child’s Spirit

This can be purchased on Amazon NEW or USED for even better prices. You can also support your local Christian bookstore and purchase them there.

You can be a better parent because of the power of grace working in you.

Meet The Staff Corner Introducing WCA
Multi-Subject Teacher Charity Davis

Hello! My name is Charity Davis. I graduated from Fresno Pacific University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. After college, I started tutoring adults and children. I absolutely loved teaching, and the challenge of finding ways to help children understand and enjoy learning.

My husband and I currently live in Clovis, CA with our dog, Trixie, and cat, Zig Zag! We love going to coffee shops, taking our dog to the river and parks, and just chilling at home watching movies. We hope to purchase our own home soon, start a family, and add some more animals to the family as well!

I’m very excited to work with each of my new students and create a fun and interesting learning environment.

Revelations 21: 4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Meet The Staff Corner Introducing WCA
Multi-Subject Teacher Charity Davis

2021 Enrollment Special

Valid only until July 15th!

Referrals: If you are a current family and refer a new family; That referred family will receive a free month tuition on one of their students, if the new student is in good standing for 3 months.

New Referred Families: You will receive 50% off of the registration fee, plus 15% off the full year tuition, if it is paid in full by July 15th.

Full Time Pastor’s Families receive 20% discount off tuition only. Siblings discount still applies.

Re-enrollments: Pay the FULL YEAR TUITION and receive 15% off of the tuition if paid by July 15th. Veteran, Military, Ministry and siblings discounts apply.

Check this Meet WCA Missionary Family to Cambodia
The Carson’s!

Samuel – 10th Grade, Joseph – 8th Grade
and Adah – 4th Grade
Parents: Kit & Ream

The Carson Family serve as missionaries in Cambodia. Samuel (Sam) is 17 and in the 10th-grade. Joseph (Joe) was born in Hawaii and is 14. He is in the 8th-grade. Adah was also born in Cambodia. She is 8 years of age and in the 4th-grade.

While (mom) Ream Carson was born in Cambodia, the Carson’s have lived there as a mission family since early 2006. They became missionaries there to start a much needed orphanage in an area where Ream grew up, which eventually included a school and church. While they had no experience at either raising a large amount of children, nor were they educators. God’s calling was clear and through willing obedience He qualified the people He chose to do the work. In the early 70’s Cambodia suffered and massive genocide where roughly 1/3rd of the population was killed. This has had long term effects on the country and created an enormous need for orphanages. For a little more than 10 years we raised up over 60 children. Though we had barely started our own family, we instantly had a handful of teenagers. Life running an orphanage comes with a lot of stories, lessons, joys and heart aches. With having 41 children plus our 3 children, our displeasure for the public school was very high and was creating more problems in the home than they were solving them. We would make great kids and the school would return them to us having to start over again. So in 2010, 4 years after opening the orphanage, we decided to start home schooling the kids, however we had children in all 12 grades, so we would have to hire a lot of tutors. For high school, that’s a lot of teachers for each grade. The next idea was… why have 7 teachers for one 12th grade student and so on down the grade, “Let’s invite the neighboring kids to join with us”. Our original attempt at home school was actually opening a private school. Fast forward 11 years, the orphanage produced a lot of great children and certainly gave opportunities where there was none before. “A Greater Hope Orphanage” was ranked number 1 in our state and one of highest in the country for 12 years of its operation.

As of 2021, the country has come a long way and the need for an orphanage has dwindled. This year we have moved to support a majority of the remaining children at their homes with whatever family members they might have had. Some live with brothers or sisters or relatives who can now care for them, whereas before they could not. International pressure to close orphanages in Cambodia, dwindling orphan populations, and the pandemic had a lot to do with the decisions to move towards home support and closure of the orphanage.

“A Heart for Wisdom”, our private Christian school was borne from the orphanage and has grown into our full-time ministry and continues to grow steadily. With around 24 classes P – 12, we run 2 lines of grades and have 800 students this year. The school, which is in a small village, serves poor students an has since become well known nationwide. Our students are given a great opportunity and they grab it and run with it. The last 3 years that we have been graduating students from high school, we have placed 1st and 2nd in our state national exams for all 3 years. Where the national failing rate is 40% on average, we’ve maintained a 95% or higher passing rate, with only having 1 student being held behind. The school’s achievements received national attention a couple years ago when the Prime minister of the country and his motorcade made an unscheduled stop visiting with the students and staff of the school.

Again, in all this, we have to give glory to God for using us as just a small couple, in a big way, that even the people here recognize it could only be a powerful God that has not only made this all happen but that even more so that it would be so successful. Out of our Bible time with the students and staff, a Church has started called “The Living God Church” where we often see a hundred or so attend.

Our own children, Sam, Joe and Adah, have grown up here in Cambodia and have only attended our Cambodian school. Though they speak the Khmer language, schooling has proven difficult for Samuel and Joseph which lead us to look for some help. With an extremely small income, there were very few real options for us until a friend of a friend sent us information on WCA. So honestly we originally chose WCA out of a financial need. WCA graciously helped us out even more than we expected. The kids have been enrolled these last couple of months and our experience has been very good. It’s a far cry from when I was in school 30 years ago. We are very grateful for the opportunity to study with WCA and also grateful that they would offer to share a bit on who we are and what we do.

So with Sam and Joe, they are both young at heart. They love to draw, tell stories, and play games. Online school has been a real challenge for them, often taking them 3 tries to get it right but they are so excited when they pass a paper or test… they can be seen celebrating with a squeal or little dance. Adah who just turned 8 is in the 4th grade, she is a little ahead of her time. She likes to sew, draw, and now recently has taken to gardening. She says she’d like to be a dentist for the time being but doesn’t like blood so maybe this will change. Adah asked for a puppy for her birthday recently and now has a pug she named Lemon.

Cambodia is an amazing, simple, but complex place to live where so many people have come and fallen in love with the people. It also has a relatively recent very dark past, and because of that past, this country is about 20 years behind most other countries. If you have questions about Cambodia or what we do feel free to follow the button and learn more.

Thank you,

Kit, Ream Samuel, Joseph, Adah and Lemon (the pug)