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*This is for online only, 3rd-12th grade

When hearing about something just isn't enough...

You’ve probably heard a lot about what homeschooling can do for you and your student.

Moreso, you’ve probably heard that WCA has had over 30 years of serving students a well-crafted curriculum.

Western Christian Academy is a fully accredited distance learning private school, enabling students to learn wherever they are.

That curriculum is easier to access than ever before. 

But sometimes just hearing isn’t enough. 

You have to see it to believe it. 

That’s why we have an explanation video of our demo that you can watch right now! 

This video will answer any questions you have and give you a real look at what schooling with WCA is all about. 

This is for online only, 3rd-12th grade

Here's what others have to say about Western Christian Academy

  • “We love this school already. Great school wish I would of found it sooner for my child. The communication is great! Thanks so much!”

    WCA Parent

  • “Everyone communicates very promptly.”

    WCA Parent

  • “Lindy guides what I need to do on every step and it’s very supportive to have someone who has my back.”

    WCA Parent

  • “Every time I have needed help WCA staff has been great and answered all of my questions.”

    WCA Parent

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