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Online Essentials

Ignitia, is a multimedia-rich online Christian curriculum for 3rd- 12th grades with Christ-centered lessons and interactive features. The computer essentials listed below will help to ensure an enhanced learning experience for your student.

Computer Essentials
To access our online educational programs, all you need is an internet-connected device with a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge). It is best to use a browser that supports PDF viewing. For optimal performance, we recommend using a broadband connection, either wired or wireless, with a minimum of 802.11g for smooth text-to-speech functionality. Older wireless routers and access points may prove to be unreliable. Our educational programs will work with both PC and Mac browsers (Windows 10, Chrome OS or MacOSX 10.8+). A traditional laptop works better than a tablet. A laptop can use a USB mouse/keyboard and can allow for attachment to a large monitor at home, offering a more ergonomic student desktop environment. With this laptop structure, a student has the flexibility to transport school work to another appropriate learning environment. We recommend taking steps to protect your computer and student while online. It is recommended that you have a current antivirus, malware protection and cyber security with parent controls; such as Bark or Net Nanny.

iPads and Tablets
iPads and tablets will work with the exception that some features are incompatible, such as the non-required text to speech feature. Ignitia does not support tablets and iPads, it is tablet “friendly”, not tablet “compatible, nor is it a mobile application.” Students may find they have difficulty logging into Ignitia, as iPads and tablets tend to capitalize an invisible first letter typed into the password. iPads and tablets can be used with limited optimum functionality. Some iPads and tablets lack a Flash Player for multimedia features and a good PDF reader application.

Flash Compatibility
While Ignitia moved primarily to Html5, there are flash elements within Ignitia that require a flash-enabled browser. iPads and tablets are unable to utilize flash. Therefore, a student could experience challenges, particularly in a foreign language course.

Browser Settings
Disable features that automatically save passwords
Disable AutoComplete
Enable caching. Set browsers to clear the cache when closed
JavaScript must be enabled for pages to render correctly