Part-Time Student

Accredited online private K-12 school for part-time students, credit recovery, and summer school!

  • One-on-one teacher support.
  • Award-winning curriculum
  • An accredited transcript upon course completion.
  • All courses include a start date and end date
  • Semester course with teacher support: $300
  • Full Year course (2 semester course) with teacher support: $475
  • Course cost includes the registration fee.

There are various reasons why students choose Western Christian Academy to supplement coursework at their main school. They may need a course that is unavailable from their school, or they may need to take an extra course to graduate. Some students are required to take a make-up course that is unavailable at their school during summer school or some students may need an a-g approved course. Western Christian Academy also supports athletes who need to achieve a higher G.P.A. and gifted students who choose to take an elective course to broaden their education in an area of special interest.

Students may take individual courses at Western Christian Academy at any time of the year, even while they are enrolled at another school. We offer a wide range of semester and full-year courses in general course of study, college preparatory course of study, vocational course of study as well as a variety of core courses and elective courses.

A signed approval form must be received from the student’s school. Please print the PDF approval form and the Western Christian Academy Information PDF to deliver to your school counselor.

Approval Form
Western Christian Academy Information Sheet