Academic Placement Testing

Learning Is Easy with Personalized Curriculum

Math and Language Arts Placement Test for 3rd – 10th grades

Our experienced team of educators will carefully evaluate each student through administering placement, learning style and personality assessments. As a doctor gives an assessment of a patient’s physical needs before prescribing proper treatment, likewise a student’s academic level needs an assessment before an appropriate curriculum is prescribed. Professional testing will determine your student’s skill level and concept mastery in Language Arts and Math. If specific weaknesses are evident from the testing, learning gaps are identified and remediated to strengthen and place your student on the road to academic success.To access the 3rd-10th grades web-based placement tests for math and language arts, simply complete and submit the form below. We will email you a link and information for the placement testing.

Reading Readiness Evaluation Test for Kindergarten – 2nd grades

Young students are evaluated to gauge whether they have the prerequisite and concept mastery for learning to read. These assessment tests help us to determine if a student is struggling with pre-reading activities. An overview of some of the reading readiness skills needed are located on the evaluation test. The Kindergarten Reading Readiness Evaluation Test are also great for children in Preschool programs. To access the printable test, please fill out the form below and we will email you the printable test.

“As a family from Romania, the opportunity that we have been given to enroll at Western Christian Academy this year has felt like being led to still waters. At the present time, distance learning from a home in Romania is somewhat like the advent of online learning in the United States many years ago.It is such a blessing to be in a fully accredited, Christ-centered school, and following a student-led program.

Western Christian Academy has brought more structure and stability to the schooling of our girls. The ease, access and efficiency of the academic program allows our girls time to study music, which is an important aspect of their education. They dedicate hours to studying piano, voice, pan flute and music theory and take part in various competitions. They also love to serve the Lord with their gifts.

We are thrilled to say, “since enrolling with Western Christian Academy, we have found a balance for academic excellence that allows us to whole heartedly serve with music and enjoy… life together.”

Corneliu and Irina, Valcea, Romania Parent