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Online with Assistance
Online Teacher on Call
 Grades 3 - 6  X  X  X  X
 5 Subjects (English, History, Science, Math, Bible)  X  X  X  X
 Support via Phone  X  X  X  X
 Support via Email/Messaging  X  X  X  X
 Academic Counselor  X  X  X  X
 Multi-Student Discount: 10%  X  X  X  X
 Active/Veteran Military Discount: 10%  X  X  X  X
 Active Ministry Discount: 10%  X  X  X  X
 Administrative Support/Maintaining Records  X  X  X  X
 Placement Testing  X  X  X  X
 Technical Support w/ Online Curriculum    X  X  X
 Grading and Reassigning      X  X
 Grades PreK - 2  X      
 Grade 7      X  X
 Grades 8 - 12        X
 Support via Face-to-Face Video Communication        X
 High School Student Advocate        X
 K-8 Advocate  X  X  X  X
 6 Subjects: 8-12 (Eng, History, Science, Math, Bible, elect.)        X
 Accredited Transcript & High School Diploma        X
 Part-Time Enrollment/Summer School/Credit Recovery        X
 Support Within 24 Hours      X  X
 $150.00 Registration Fee/Family*  X  X  X  X
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