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Program Descriptions

Fostering character building and a strong personalized education

At Western Christian Academy, we offer an accredited private school education at a fraction of the cost of campus-based schools. Our diversified biblical worldview Pre-K -12th-grade online education programs are accessible from home, a destination learning location, or wherever there is internet access. The programs promote character-building and embrace your student’s learning styles. Experienced degreed instructors are passionate about the opportunity to help maximize the academic potential of your student. All of our programs include a parent advocate, with teacher assistance, and tutoring is readily available.

Western Christian Academy uses the award-winning Horizons pre-kindergarten program, putting your child on the path to success. This Reading Readiness Program develops reading and math skills to ensure that your child can move forward with confidence and success. Daily parent involvement is essential for the successful implementation of the reading readiness program. Biblically-based lessons and hands-on learning activities give pre-kindergarten students an introduction to Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Phonics, and Science. Additional topics such as Health & Safety, Arts & Crafts, Music, and Physical Education add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum. This program can be easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure.

Our personalized Learning To Read Program for kindergarten puts your child on the path to reading success. Daily parent involvement is an essential requirement to build a strong parent student relationship that will last a life time. The learning program ensures reading readiness and basic math skills for your student through biblically-based lessons and hands-on learning activities. Language Arts, Phonics, Math and Age of Learning online lessons expand your student’s mastery of good reading skills; as they learn to identify the names and sounds of letters through media stories and picture associations. Your student will be able to read upon the completion of the program.

Parents are the primary instructors for the Parent As Teacher Booklet Program. A Western Christian Academy Parent Advocate is readily available as needed. Each subject is made up of a set of 10 colorful booklets that are shipped to parents choosing the booklet or combination program. The booklet format includes writing assignments where students can practice handwriting skills. The parent supervises the student’s progress and grades daily work and practice assessments. The unit tests are sent to us on a quarterly basis for scoring and record keeping. Parents keep copies of the tests for their records. We track the student’s academic progress and send report cards each semester.

A booklet in each subject will take an average of three weeks to complete. Each booklet combines reading pages, exercises, occasional projects, unit review, and a unit test. Each booklet includes a systematic review of previous concepts for reinforcement. New concepts and skills are integrated throughout all subjects for reinforcement. A student will complete approximately 50 booklets during the school year, if using booklets for all subjects. The booklet curriculum program and many of the daily student procedures closely align with our online programs. This allows a student in this program to quickly and successfully assimilate into one of our online programs.

Parents are the primary instructors for the Parent As Teacher Online Program by Ignitia, an award-wining learning system that presents a Christian worldview for 3rd-6th grade. Created to give a truly multi-dimensional interactive learning experience, these courses are infused with over 50,000 media enhancements, 3-D animation and cutting-edge multimedia including video clips, digital tutors, slide shows, animation, dynamic learning games, historical timelines, and hands-on exercises that bring learning to life. Packed with exciting content and dynamic elements, this learning system engages students and inspires academic achievement. The curriculum is written on the principle of “mastery learning.” This means that students truly master the content and skills of one unit before progressing to the next. The “mastery learning” approach ensures success by allowing each student to spend as much time as necessary in one subject before moving on to the next unit of work.

Students can complete schoolwork questions, activities and quizzes from any learning environment location with a broadband connection. A large portion of student work is automatically computer scored, saving parents time; and it guides a student’s thinking while the concept is fresh in their mind. To enhance student motivation, parents and students can view their grades online at any time. Parents and students have access to a built-in messaging system allowing the student and parent to communicate easily throughout the day. There are 10-units of work per subject, per year with approximately 60 lessons per subject (5-units each semester) with new concepts and skills integrated throughout all subjects for reinforcement. A Western Christian Academy Parent Advocate is readily available as needed to assist with implementing the program. Parents can seamlessly transition their student from this program into the Online With Teacher On-Call Program if additional support is needed.

Parents are the primary instructors for the Parent As Teacher Combination Program. This program utilizes a combination of the Parent As Teacher Booklet Program and the Parent As Teacher Online Program as described above. For example Math, Language, and Science courses are presented in an online format, while History, Geography and Bible courses are in a booklet format. The choice is flexible for students and parents. This combination format helps to transition your student from a paper-based curriculum to the benefits of an online curriculum.

Students are assigned Western Christian Academy online teachers with the Online With Teacher On-Call Program. This program can reduce parent involvement to the level that works best for the student. The parent plays a large role in providing an appropriate learning environment and daily schedule while your student has daily interaction with teachers to ensure subject mastery and academic success. Along with the built-in messaging center within the curriculum, one-on-one academic assistance is provided by telephone, Skype, online whiteboard, and other digital tools. Parents can direct their student to use a Western Christian Academy teacher for concept help, instruction and questions throughout the year, including extra academic assistance and tutoring. A Western Christian Academy Parent Advocate is readily available as needed to assist with implementing the program.

Western Christian Academy’s Early Graduation Program using Teacher On-Call allows students to complete their high school course of study in 3 years and graduate early. This program is ideal for highly motivated and disciplined students who are eager to embrace an accelerated academic workload. Participants complete expanded daily lesson plans and regularly interact with Western Christian Academy online teachers. Parents play an essential and influential role in providing an appropriate learning environment and encouragement for their student. Extra academic assistance and tutoring is available by appointment, and a Western Christian Academy high school counselor can readily assist with adjusting the personalized course of study if needed.

Personalized curriculum helps empower your student to achieve academic success.

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