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You can receive a thorough overview of Western Christian by reading this page!

Western Christian is dedicated to assisting Pre-K through 12th grade families by providing quality academic programs from a Christian worldview through individualized learning, professional expertise, and reliable academic support. Multiple program options to fit budget and parent involvement. Register today to save a seat for 2020-2021! We have custom options with our year round enrollment.

We offer the benefits that parents are looking for:

  • Your student would be enrolled in an accredited school. Middle school and high school are both accredited through NCACASI. Graduates will have a school identification number for taking college entrance exams, applying for financial aid, and college applications. PreK-5th are accredited with NAPS.
  • Western Christian has served thousands of home education families for over 30 years in all 50 states!
  • Western Christian offers easy to use curriculum with a Christian worldview. K-2nd: Booklet format. 3rd-6th: Parent as Teacher Booklet format, Parent as Teacher Online format, Parent as Teacher Combo format, Online with Assistance, or Online with Teacher On Call. 7th: Online with Assistance, or Online with Teacher On Call. 8th-High school: Online with Teacher On Call. Look at our By Grade or By Program sections for grade-specific details.
  • Western Christian Academy Mobile App gives students and families mobile access to important school information such as calendars, events, instant alerts, and reminders.
  • Annual in-home achievement tests are available for 3rd-11th grade full-time students. Our achievement test structure allows parents to see annual academic growth. The annual test results report often works for any state that requires achievement tests for education from home.
  • Western Christian will assist you with your school transfer process from your prior school. Western Christian will build or maintain the student cumulative folder for you. An online parent portal allows easy access to academic and financial features, plus makes it easier to help us keep student records current.
  • Western Christian’s “Online with Assistance” or “Online with Teacher On Call” programs include subjective scoring to save parents an enormous amount of time. Look at our By Grade or By Program sections for details.
  • Western Christian offers one of the more extensive high school science lab structures that can be completed at home.
  • Our online curriculum has over 50,000 multimedia features along with built-in digital tutors.
  • Annual, semester, quarterly, or monthly payment options for grades 1-12.
  • Diagnostic testing is provided upon enrollment for a customized educational plan to make sure foundational concepts are not missed.
  • 8th grade and high school diploma fees are included in tuition. WCA offers a high school honors program.
  • WCA assists with student discount forms for auto insurance.
  • Course counseling is included in all programs. Call anytime for procedural, course, and record-keeping questions.

Student Perspective of WCA’s High School Program:

WCA course counselors will:

  • Evaluate and place your student at a level that meets his or her academic deficiencies and strengths.
  • Monitor each student’s progress and provide a support system that is unmatched.
  • Communicate with parent and student when they notice a student is struggling in a particular area. They may assign review work or more detailed instruction in that area to serve as reinforcement.
  • Maintain academic report cards and accredited transcripts.
  • Support you through communication by phone or online assistance.
  • Provide incentives for students by recognizing academic excellence in an Honor Roll Program.
  • Foster school spirit through affiliation with a school with real teachers who are interested in their achievements.