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Welcome New Students:

Discover What Awaits You at Western Christian Academy!

Discover Western Christian Academy: Unleashing Academic Excellence!

At Western Christian Academy, we are committed to assisting Pre-K through 12th grade families on their educational journey. With a Christian worldview, individualized learning, professional expertise, and unwavering academic support, we offer quality academic programs tailored to your needs. Register today to secure your seat for the 2023-2024 school year, and explore our flexible year-round enrollment options.

Here’s why parents choose Western Christian Academy:

  1. Accredited Excellence: Our middle and high schools are accredited by NCACASI, granting students a school identification number for college entrance exams, financial aid applications, and college applications. PreK-5th grades are accredited with NAPS.

  2. 30+ Years of Experience: With over three decades of serving home education families across all 50 states, we have a proven track record of academic success.

  3. Customized Curriculum: Our curriculum presents an easy-to-use format with a Christian worldview. Choose from various options tailored to different grade levels and learning preferences.

  4. Mobile App Access: Stay connected with our Western Christian Academy Mobile App, providing easy access to essential school information, calendars, events, instant alerts, and reminders.

  5. Annual Achievement Testing: Full-time students from 3rd to 11th grade can participate in our in-home achievement tests, allowing parents to track their child’s annual academic growth.

  6. Seamless Transfer Process: We assist you with the school transfer process and maintain student cumulative folders. Our online parent portal ensures smooth access to academic and financial features, keeping student records up to date.

  7. Flexible Programs: Choose between our “Online with Assistance” or “Online with Teacher On Call” programs, featuring subjective scoring to save you time. Explore our grade-specific details for more information.

  8. Extensive Science Lab: Western Christian Academy offers one of the most comprehensive high school science lab structures that can be completed at home.

  9. Multimedia-Rich Curriculum: Benefit from over 50,000 multimedia features and built-in digital tutors within our online curriculum.

  10. Payment Options: Enjoy the convenience of annual, semester, quarterly, or monthly payment options for grades 1-12.

These are just a few of the benefits Western Christian Academy offers. We provide diagnostic testing upon enrollment to create a customized educational plan, ensuring foundational concepts are not missed. Our tuition includes 8th grade and high school diploma fees, and we offer a high school honors program. Additionally, WCA assists with student discount forms for auto insurance, and our dedicated course counselors are available for procedural, course, and record-keeping questions.

Watch the video above to gain insight into the high school program from a student’s perspective.

At Western Christian Academy, we go above and beyond to evaluate each student, monitor their progress, provide academic support, maintain accurate records, and celebrate their achievements. We foster a supportive learning environment, emphasizing both academic excellence and school spirit.

Join us at Western Christian Academy and embark on a journey of academic excellence and personal growth. Together, let’s unleash your full potential!