Todd Kennedy

I am excited to be a part of Western Christian Academy. I have been involved with education for twenty-five years, teaching science from elementary to college graduate courses.

Growing up in and around the church, I dedicated my life to Christ as a teen and have tried to stay actively involved in my home church ever since. I have sung in the church choir, worked as a sound technician, and taught Sunday school. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology and Chemistry from California State University, Fresno and a Master’s degree in Life Science and Chemistry from the University of Maryland.

I am married to a wonderful, God loving women and together we have three amazing children. I have one in college, one in high school, and one finishing elementary school, and on her way to junior high. Our home is filled with life. We have one dog, one cat, three snakes, two lizards, one tortoise, and five fish! I am very much looking forward to getting to know all of you and to sharing my love for science, learning, and Jesus Christ with you. Be Blessed!

Testimony of Todd Kennedy

My journey in coming to know the Lord began decades ago as a teen. I was born into a family that went to church on Sunday, but who’s dedication to the Lord ended there. We never prayed, talked about God, nor really lived lives devoted to Christ. My parents divorced when I was very young, and I was exposed to what I can only call the dark side of the people I once looked up to.

My mother married the man she had been unfaithful with and he was a heavy-handed authoritarian in the home. As time went on, they led my siblings and I to believe that they were all we needed and that they were the only people we needed to listen to or respect. They taught us that religion was simply wasted time and we stopped all church activities. As I got older, and I went on to junior high school, friends would invite me to church on occasion, but nothing really set in. I was leading a life driven by my own desires and the temptations of the world. It wasn’t until high school that I felt God’s calling. I was invited to attend a Promise Keeper Conference at Fresno State. The stadium was packed. On the last day of the conference, the speaker made an altar call and asked for anyone wishing to be saved to come forward. I knew I had been living a life of sin and I needed Jesus, this was my chance. I walked flight after flight of stairs to the field where I knelt with a pastor and committed my life to Christ. Shortly after, I started attending Northwest Church and was baptized.

While time has continued to move on and the churches I attended have changed, my devotion to my Lord and Savior remains unwavering. I met and married a wonderful Godly woman at the end of my college career, and we have 3 wonderful children. Together, we strive to keep Christ at the center of our home and our daily lives. I am so very grateful for the Lord’s patience, his forgiveness, his love, and all the many blessings he has added to my life!