In general, higher costing programs are the best parent value and tend to offer a higher rate of student success. Less frequent payment plans offer the best value.

Tuition Cost Comparison

WCA Tuition

Registration required for all new students, including siblings. $150.00
  Yearly Semester X 2Quarterly x 4Monthly x 10
Preschool Kit $500    
Kindergarten Kit includes Istation $500 $300  
2nd child using same kit-all student books $200 $150  
Online Teacher On-Call
  Yearly Semester X 2Quarterly x 4Monthly x 10
Grades 3-7 $2200 $1265$633$253
Grade 8-12 $2600 $1495$748$299
Parent Teacher-Online/Booklet
Grades 1-6 $1800 $1035$518$207
PT, CR & SS-Online Curriculum-Non Refundable
Semester Course/Including Registration $300    
Full Year Course/Including Registration $475    
Electives (Current Students)
Elective Course w/TOC (3rd-12th) $350 $175  
Tutoring Fees (30 Minute Session)(1) Session$30(3) Session$70  

Refund Policy

Allow 30 days from receipt of written notice of withdrawal for processing.

  • Registration: none (*Registration Fee is non-refundable after 72 hours)
  • Withdrawal before curriculum sent: Full
  • Withdrawal within 1-10 days of shipment or online setup:  50%
  • Withdrawal during 1st semester: 3-5 months tuition due
  • Withdrawal after 2nd semester begins: 6-10 months tuition due
  • Withdrawn by WCA: No Refund
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