WCA Adds Film School Courses As Electives

WCA is thrilled to announce that students can now take film, acting, and photography classes AND get credit as an elective course!

Film School 4 Teens (or FS4T) was created when 25-year veteran filmmaker, Damon Evans, started teaching middle and high school students and saw a massive improvement in their public speaking skills, self-esteem, and confidence.

He knew he just had to share these experiences with as many students as possible.

His commitment to sharing those experiences with others and unique teaching style makes this a must-try for students interested in filmmaking, photography, acting, or being an influencer through digital media, like YouTube.

Intro To Filmmaking

Over 18 weeks, the Intro to Filmmaking course covers the key elements of filmmaking.

Perfect for individuals or groups, this course lets you go at your own pace, without the need for special or expensive equipment.

From generating great ideas for movies to exporting your finished piece, this course covers the fundamentals of filmmaking while being entertaining and engaging the whole time.

Acting For The Screen

This 12-week course will cover the basic building blocks of acting on film.

With just a computer and a smartphone, students will have everything they need to get comfortable on camera, learn acting techniques, and hone their craft!

Along with a professional actor and a few students, Damon created a series of videos designed to be both fun and informative.

With this series at their disposal, students can go at their own speed and rewatch any videos they want – as much as they like.

YouTube For Teens

The YouTube for Teens course supplies the training and resources for students to start their own YouTube channel and naturally grow it as they make unique, engaging content.

Becoming a real, successful digital content creator – like on YouTube – takes a lot more than recording some videos and throwing them up on the internet.

In this 12-week interactive course, students will learn everything they need to start and grow their community around their content.

Damon puts safety, awareness, and good practices at the forefront of these lessons, ensuring that students and families create content that people enjoy while protecting themselves and others!

Photography For Teens

Over 12 parts, students will learn the basic techniques required to be an exceptional photographer.

This video-based series allows students to go at their own pace, review material as much as they want, and hone their skills at capturing their vision in their photography.

Damon wanted to ensure that all students could get the most out of this course.

With just a computer and a smartphone, students can learn the basics of photography, the elements that make up compelling shots, and how to realize their vision and take the kind of photographs they want.

Even students who aren’t trying to be an actor or director can get so much out of these courses, opening themselves up to all kinds of fantastic opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without this opportunity.

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