August 2021 School Newsletter

Welcome To Western Christian Academy

For The 2021-2022 School Year!

WCA Teachers And Staff Appreciate The Opportunity To Work With You In Providing An Exceptional And Personalized Program, Which Is Paramount To Helping Your Student Discover And Maximize His/Her Academic Potential.
Wisdom is the ability and willingness to…

base all of our thoughts, actions, and decisions,

on the principles of the Word of God.”

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”…From Proverbs 1:7

One WCA Parent Said…

“ All your teachers are really the embodiment of Christ!”

Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to serve you and your family!

We are making a difference for time and eternity

in the hearts and lives of every student.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

With A Christian Worldview

What Do We Mean By The Term “World View?”

Every person has a worldview. A worldview, constructed by influences and experiences in life, provide a lens through which the world is viewed and processed. We all believe some-thing, but “why” do we believe it?

The Christian Worldview is a Biblical worldview, whereby life is filtered. It determines how we interact with people by setting a standard of serving others (Romans 12-15; Galatians 5: 22-26; Luke 10: 25-37), and it is the integral part of all we do, and who we are, at Western Christian Academy (WCA).

It provides purpose and an anchor in the process of fulfilling our mission. The Christian Worldview is interwoven into all of our curriculum at all grade levels. Therefore, learning at WCA is not just academic, but spiritual as well, developing the whole individual.

Any One Who Has Homeschooled Will Find That

THIS Question Is Going To Come Up!

How Can I Socialize My Homeschooled Child?

We are always glad to hear from parents who strive to not only homeschool but also who strive to help meet their child’s socialization needs. Providing your child with social interaction while being educated at home may take a little more thought, effort and planning but it is indeed quite manageable and possible.

Here are some tips that may help you along the way! Some states require public schools to allow homeschooled students to participate in extracurriculars at the school where they would have attended in your community. Ask for a list of available clubs or activities, including sports.

When it comes to classes and clubs, there are so many! Some students sign up for martial arts, gymnastics, ballet, Scouts, Civil Air Patrol or 4-H. Many of our WCA students participate in competitive rodeo events, dance, archery, acting, music, art and so much more. Your local church or library can also provide many opportunities.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  • Parks and Recreation: Take a look at your community parks and recreation department’s programming for children, including community sports leagues and summer camps.
  • YMCA: Your local YMCA likely offers sports classes, swim team, and summer camps, along with other programming for children. They may also offer childcare for younger children or group-play for middle or older children while parents exercise.
  • The Library: Find out if your local library has a Lego club or book clubs for children. They may also have teen nights and other events for children. Depending on your children’s age, take advantage of your library’s weekly story time offerings!
  • Colleges and Universities: Your local community college or university likely offers opportunities for children, including both younger children and teens. You may have to search by department or watch your community’s events calendar.
  • Religious Communities: If you belong to a church or other religious community, Sunday school, youth group, children’s choir, and other programming may offer opportunities for your child to socialize with their peers.
  • The Park: Pay attention to when your local park is the busiest and take your child there to play with other children. If they befriend another child while playing, swap numbers with that child’s parent so you can set up another playdate.
  • Museums and Zoos: Look for children’s programming at local museums, zoos, and related organizations, including art galleries, children’s museums, nature centers, or aquariums.
    Community Productions: Sign your child up for a local children’s choir or youth orchestra or involve your family in a community theater production.
  • Area Nonprofits: Many local nonprofits offer programming for children, especially those centered on the arts, education, or youth development. You can search GuideStar for local nonprofits.

As children work out who they are and where they fit in the world, they benefit from being exposed to a variety of different people and activities.

Make the Time. Arrange times for your child to get together with friends who live elsewhere, whether at a park or museum or at each other’s houses. Give them time to develop relationships independent of you, and to build friendships outside of supervised activities—to sort through piles of Legos, to build forts, and to play Minecraft. Remember, your child’s social wellbeing will be a vital part of homeschooling success story.

Listen to Your Child. If your child tells you they’re lonely or need more time with friends, listen to them. When planning out what activities to have them involved in at the beginning of the year, get their input. Ask your child what they’re interested in, and what they’re looking for in terms of friends and time with friends. Every child is different—some are more introverted while others are more extroverted—so you shouldn’t assume you automatically know what your child needs—or that what one needs is the same as what another needs—without asking for their input. Your child may also need help making new friends; make sure to talk with them about what being a friend looks like, and to help them plan strategies for making new ones.

Fostering Independence. As your child grows older, they should have both more input in their activities. The teenage years especially are a time of transition for children as they grow towards greater independence. Working a part-time job may also give your child the opportunity to gain independence and develop skills while meeting new people or making new friends.

Listen to your child and their needs as they navigate the transition from child to adult. While homeschooled children can be well socialized—both in terms of learning to navigate social situations and in terms of having adequate social interaction for their development—don’t assume it will happen automatically.

The most important thing is to listen to the Lord and to your child.

Listen to your child, be on the lookout for new opportunities, and be willing to make changes if things aren’t working. Homeschooled students enjoy choosing their activities and the freedom homeschooling provides.

Happy Homeschooling!


Morwenna Parchman

This mother chose WCA

for her daughter!

Read through the Newsletter to hear what Morwenna has to say!

Discover why they chose WCA.

Morwenna’s Mom Said…

“What a difference 4 years with Western Christian Academy made! Morwenna was so frustrated and turned off to school after the 8th grade. At WCA, she found great teachers who rekindled her love for learning. She developed the ability to work independently, as well as the passion to explore all kinds of subjects outside the ‘classroom’.

Special thanks to Mrs. Poltz and Mrs. Pendergrass for their support and encouragement. It was such a blessing to find Western Christian Academy!

Coming Soon To WCA!

Has Your Child

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Communicate And

To Get To Know

Other WCA Families

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Soon you will be able to access our new WCA Community Secure Website to connect with other WCA students and families throughout the country and all around the world!

This is only available to currently enrolled students and their families. Your student can meet other WCA students and you can meet other WCA parents as well.

Watch for an email coming soon!

WCA 2021-2022 Middle School Graduate

Congratulations!! To Some Of Our Recent

WCA 2020-2021 Graduates!


Kindergarten Graduates

William Goheen

Tyler Hilton

Koa Kuethen

Matthew Marsh

Daniel Nunnally

Miles Piszczek

Hayden Pommerening

Kaden Rourke

Trey Styles

Rayvin Suggs

Michael Tronaas

Cannon Uhler

Dhyland Orama

Layla Borck

Middle School Graduates

Analynn Bester

Oakley Contino

Olivia Curtis

Carson Hildre

Rivir Johnson

Lily James

Blaise Lange

Makayla Mcleod

Deanda Mccullough-Lamping

Ethan Muccio

Brynn Piszczek

Nicholas Russell

Howard Swift

Jamison Swift

Emily Venegas

Kamry Davis

High School Graduates

Kamryn Berkes

Kelly Clair

Abigail Fink

Morwenna Parchman

Zachary Granick

WCA Kid’s Korner…

Movie Favorites…

During the summer months, students are looking for some different things to do! Here are some really good movies for you and your children to enjoy.

Please check out your local Christian bookstore or perhaps Amazon to add these Movie Favorites to your DVD/Video Library.

Book Favorites

August Book / For Teens And Tweens

“The Teenage Years of Jesus Christ” By Pastor Jerry Ross

Parents, Is Your Child Actively Engaging With His/Her

Teachers When Needing Assistance?

Game Favorites…

With Winter soon to fall upon us, there is no better time to…

Start A Family Night!

A family that plays and prays together, stays together.

This is a fun and yet challenging game for 2-4 people, age levels 7 & up!

Did you realize that all Teacher on Call students can request a pre-recorded VIDEO addressing any specific skill, so that they can watch it repeatedly to reinforce that skill or concept?

Also, your student can request assistance via phone calls, email, messaging, SKYPE (with or without video), Google Meet, or any other means of communication.

“Does your child know the right question to ask? Does your student know the right person to request help from… to get the right answers? “

Our teachers are available to assist our students with instruction, mentoring, and the development of life skills through the academic process.

If your student is struggling, please encourage them to ask for help!

WCA is here for YOUR STUDENTS.</em

Meet The Staff

Introducing WCA Officer Manager…
Liz Kanakaole

I have been working at Western Christian Academy since 2010 and I am the office manager. My job involves answering phones and emails, managing tuition, shipping curriculum and office items. I have lived in the Fresno area for most of my life and have been married to my wonderful husband Teddy since 2011. I attended Bible College for 2 years. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I like movies, cross stitching and relaxing. I believe we should be a light in this dark world. Our dog, Kekoa, is a special part of our family. He goes many places with us.

My life verse is Isaiah 41:10 – “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”

Hear Ye Hear Ye

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