August 2023 WCA School Newsletter

To Connect and Reflect the Values of Western Christian Academy to its Families and Students…

Celebrating WCA 2023 Graduate

Julietta Diana Adiguezalian And Her Family!!

Left to Right: Liliana Adiguezalian, Anna Sahakyan, Armen Adiguezalian, Julietta Adiguezalian

August – September 2023

Calendar of Events

August 7th – Staff In Service Meeting Office closed!

September 4th – Labor Day School
Holiday/ Office Closed!

We Pray!

Prayer regarding CHANGE…for our students and families!

Some of you are new to WCA and homeschooling. WELCOME!

Some of you are facing new challenges as you near your graduation date. CONGRATULATIONS!

All of you are facing challenges and change.

We know it is sometimes hard to know how to pray, so join with us in this prayer for each one of you.

“Lord, we fight and resist change so often. It’s uncomfortable and the unknown can be frightening and challenging. We know you are in the process of creating something new in us…and for us. Thank you that even though everything changes around us, YOU are our REFUGE and STRENGTH. You never change. You are faithful, true, trustworthy and full of love, mercy, and grace.

Please order our steps and show us your path that we might walk in it. We release the past and welcome new seasons and new opportunities. Please remind us of your presence and open the eyes of our heart and understanding to be ever aware that your plans for us are GOOD! Lord, you are our ever present help in times of trouble…our refuge and strength. Therefore we will not fear. Psalms 46:1-3

We welcome You in the midst of this new school year here at WCA. We are excited about being a part of YOUR awesome plan! Amen!”

If you have a prayer need for your family, please call us at 800-868-5839 and we will add your family to our prayer board. Our Staff prays daily for our WCA families and their prayer concerns. You can also email your requests to:

You are NOT ALONE! We are here for YOU!

Student Achievements & Grads

Middle School

Mateo Lozano

Ethan Walker

Tuula Signorelli

Jordan Fields

Hadley Burch

Brady Linton

Kennedy Patton-Lewis

High School

Julietta Adiguezalian

Annabel Anton

Emilee Pereira

Parent Corner

Here’s what 2023 WCA Graduate Julietta Adiguezalian’s parents are saying about their experience with WCA!

We love WCA. We have recommended WCA to multiple other parents who are interested in putting their children in homeschool. We love the program and how the lessons walk you step-by-step, as if you were in an actual classroom. We truly love WCA and would most definitely recommend it.

Student Corner

Meet WCA 2023 Graduate,

Julietta Diana Adiguezalian

One thing I enjoy doing is trying new things like this cotton candy burrito.

Student Corner


Meet WCA 2023 Graduate,

Julietta Diana Adiguezalian

My name is Julietta Adiguezalian and I just completed my senior year. I love reading, baking, swimming and trying new things. I am starting UCLA in the fall, it was my top choice. I am majoring in Psychology with hopes of attending Medical School afterwards. I love working with children as well, and I am on the path to becoming a Pediatrician so I get to work with them on a daily basis.

I really enjoyed my time here at WCA. There were a majority of classes available for students depending on what field they are most interested in. I was able to balance school as well as my social life, which was very important for me. My teachers were on top of my work and supported me in any area that I needed extra help in.

WCA Teacher, James Christensen said this about Julietta!

Julietta had a very heavy load, in history, to complete for her senior year. She was consistent of doing outstanding work, both semesters, in World History and Government/Economics. Looking at her other class work grades, and doing very well in history, I believe she is ready for any endeavors God leads her into. It was a pleasure to have Julietta, as a student.




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