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Meet WCA 12th Grade Student — Youmin Oh

I have been enrolled in WCA from the 10th grade through the 12th grade. I am originally from South Korea. I attended 3 years of private middle school and high school in the United States.

While attending private school in the United States, I dropped back two and a half years to ensure that my English was improved enough before taking my next step of attending college. Even though I wanted to shorten my high school years, it was impossible to do that. By attending WCA, it enabled me to take high school courses and prepare for college in a short time. I spent 2 years completing 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. I was able to learn skills like time scheduling and course management that are needed for college. In addition to this, I was also able to save money for college tuition by attending WCA, an accredited school program.

I found that homeschooling with Western Christian Academy offered many beneficial aspects, to include, academic flexibility, efficient learning, and shortening time based on each student’s ability. I would like to introduce this great program to people who have difficulties in learning, adapting to school, or for those who are not on track with their education. I am planning to attend one of the top 50 state universities in 2020. I believe that I will be able to demonstrate and showcase my abilities in my future college career as a result of what I have acquired here at WCA.