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WCA July 2022 Newsletter

HAPPY 4th of July WCA Students & Families!

WCA fosters a true desire for learning by keeping our students motivated and connected with our teachers and staff!

We’re here for your students!

WCA 2021 December School Calendar

Important Upcoming WCA Events

Enrollment for 2022-2023
is Now Open!

Please call our office at 800-868-5839 or check out our website at www.westernchristianacademy.com for more information.

Important Upcoming WCA Events

June 1 – August 14 Summer School

July 4th – Observed Independence Day (WCA Office Closed!)

Please turn in your paper tests and High School Activity Logs!

Parents, are you and your students struggling?

At WCA, something incredible happens when students experience the caring support of the teachers and staff. They begin to grow and blossom into caring, responsible individuals. They begin to see a future filled with promise, and they believe—in themselves, in others, and in the future.

At WCA, we do this by providing a Christian education that meets the needs of the whole student in the safe and comfortable environment of your home, supported by a caring staff who encourages excellence.

WCA is excited about helping your children rediscover the joy of learning!

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What Students are saying about WCA!

“I would just like to thank all of my teachers. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn and to thank you for all of your help! God bless you! S Yoder

“I signed to further my education and rodeo career at the University of Montana Western, in Dillon, Montana, with a full-ride rodeo scholarship, where I will pursue a business degree, and go to Esthetician school. Western Christian Academy has been so good for me, and I have really enjoyed it all! Thank you guys!” T Leno

What Parents are saying about WCA:

“Everyone should know how wonderful you guys are! You really make a difference in not only the kids life’s, but parents as well.”

“Thank you. The school is such a big help and you walk beside us through it all we really appreciate all of you!”

Sean & Jennifer Piszczek

Parents of 4 WCA Students

“Thank you for all of your time and help! I have nothing but amazing things to say about your program and everyone who works with Western Christian Academy. I recommend it to anyone looking for online education. You provide a top notch education and tremendous support at an affordable price. Thank you again. God bless! ” WCA Parent – Shanna

“Ashlyn has been a WCA student since her freshman year and graduated in 2022. She has accepted a scholarship to continue her education and rodeo at NMJC in Hobbs, New Mexico where she will pursue a degree in business with an emphasis in real estate all while continuing to compete in the rodeo world.

WCA has been the best high school experience she could have hoped for. The teachers are great. The office staff members and principal are awesome! We couldn’t have spent the last 4 years any better way.

Thank you, WCA!!!!”

The Goven Family


We believe…

Prayer changes everything!

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16b

“To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them.” John Calvin

The heart of education is the transformation of the heart. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.” Proverbs 1:7

WCA provides


for those feeling hopeless by placing students at their functional level without changing their grade level.

Congratulations!! to all of our students and parents for their hard work and combined efforts and commitment to complete their school year!

We are so proud of you!

For those students who are nearing the FINISH LINE, keep up the GREAT WORK! Patience and persistence combined with your efforts will enable you to successfully complete your school year! You can do this!

WCA offers…
Open Enrollment!
Your student/s can enroll at any time. We are here to assist you.

Our office is open Mon-Fri 8-4 PST. Let’s chat! Just call: 800-868-5839 or 559-475-8553.

2022-2023 WCA Enrollment Specials!
Valid only until July 15th!

  • Pay the full year price by July 15, 2022 and receive 10% off tuition. Student will need to be complete with their current school year.

Veteran/Military/1st Responder and sibling discounts apply.

Tuition Discounts
Referrals and New Families

Current family refers a new family; they will receive free month tuition on one of their students if new student is in good standings for 3 months.
New referred family receives 50% off registration fee, plus 10% off full year tuition if paid by July 15, 2022. Veteran/Military/1st Responder and sibling discounts apply.
Full Time Pastor/Missionary family

Receive 20% discount off tuition only. Sibling discounts apply.

WCA 2022 Graduate, Elisabeth Rebman – We were unable to obtain a photo in time for the last newsletter in a jpeg format, so here she is! She’s a dancer and has just auditioned for the Chicago Bulls Lubbales, the official dance team for the Chicago Bulls. Her plans are to further her education and go into the medical or physical therapy field. Way to go Elisabeth!

Introducing WCA
Gracie Cotton
This family chose WCA for their daughter

Read through the newsletter

to find out WHY.

Gracie’s parents’ thoughts…
My name is Cristy Cotton. My husband Kevin and I are the proud parents of our daughter Gracie Cotton. She is the greatest joy of our life besides God and Jesus. She is our only child. God blessed us with her. She is our miracle. Gracie loves to crochet, work on her own small businesses that she has, helping animals, as well as helping others in need. She surely does let her light shine. We are so blessed to have Gracie enrolled in Western Christian Academy. We were looking for a Christian-based program when I picked up a list of different Tennessee accredited home schools. The first one that Gracie picked was this school. Throughout the process, she was stuck on Western Christian Academy.

Being a Mom, I told her that we needed to research the other ones first before making a final decision. Well, here we are. This was the one that we chose. Things happen for a reason. We love WCA. Gracie gets to work on her work with no interruptions and at her own pace. We love it that she can e-mail and call her teachers to get any help that she may need. She is already working on her ninth-grade year. She is so excited about starting high school.

Thank you for all of the love and support that you have shown Gracie and our family. You are amazing!

Keep reading to learn more about what Gracie has to say...

About WCA …
Western Christian Academy has been serving families for over 38 years. Distance Learning, Online education, Remote Learning, Homeschooling, whatever you call it, and just plain learning is NOT NEW to our school. We have been equipping students for many years to “think outside of the box” and to become the men and women God wants them to be, prepared to lead their families, their communities and their world.

With WCA, students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts at their ability, instead of being rushed through, which makes further learning, impossible.

This allows students more time when they need it but it also ensures that when a student quickly learns a topic, they are allowed to move on to the next, so no time is wasted.

WCA is a home for ideas, discovery, spiritual growth, and engagement—intellectual pursuits that our students and their families treasure. Our academic offerings are buoyed by our warm and welcoming, teachers and staff.

At WCA, students explore and extend their abilities, test their ideas, question assumptions, grapple with moral issues, develop critical thinking skills while at the same time, acquiring the vital tools to be positive and productive citizens, who are equipped to change their world. Led by exceptional and caring Christian teachers, our students are encouraged to grow and become all that God wants them to be.

So if you are looking for a fresh new start for your student/s or are already on board, it is never too late to provide hope for your students by ensuring they receive the support and individualized curriculum needed to ensure their success!

                                                Every day is a new beginning! It’s never too late!

Here are some more of our recent
WCA 2021-2022 Promoted or Graduated Students!
We are very proud of you!


Oliver Cabrera

Isabelle Garettson

Stella Germano

Kimberly Jacques

Lawson Scates

Olivia Vasquez.

Middle School

Gracie Cotton

Ariana Filosoglou

Eva Girdeen

Adelie Gonzales

Kami Guty

Junwoo Kim

Gabriel King

Akeylah Pushman

Ian Rogers

Titan Suggs

Greer Tomlinson

High School

Niko Atessis

Daphne Cohen

Hanna Griemsman

Mika Guty

Brayden Hasenack

Joseph Hayden

Tavy Leno

Destiny Robinson

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Testimony form a WCA Student:

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the hard work you’ve done for not only me, but for the other students as well. I’m looking forward to going to college and cannot thank all of you enough for “being there” to help me along the way.” D Brown, WCA Student


WCA 2021-2022 High School Graduate

Ethan Yoos

These parents chose WCA for their son Ethan!

His sister Evelyn is also a high school sophomore at WCA!

Read through the Newsletter to hear what this WCA Graduate has to say!

Keep reading to learn a little about Ethan and why he loves WCA!


One of Ethan's Teachers says this:

Ethan Yoos excelled and was an outstanding student in Governments/Economics.

His success got him to the top, in our Mastery Program, at Western Christian Academy.

I believe he will be able to achieve the highest level in any academics he puts his mind and time into. I am looking forward to great things for Ethan.

Best wishes for an exciting future coming his way. God Bless.

Mr. Christiansen

Ethan's Parents said...

It is such a blessing to have found a solid partnership with an accredited, Bible-based school, all the while continuing to homeschool. As all the staff know, we are a military family and have lived in different parts of the world and our nation, moving every three years. WCA has been an integral part of our family. Our first experience with WCA was impactful since it was also our family’s first time living overseas in Japan and our first military deployment as a family. Even with the time difference and the hectic military schedule for our family, our kids’ teachers were so open to communicate at odd hours and accommodated us without skipping a beat! We knew then that we will continue on with WCA!

Fast forward to many years of schooling and multiple military moves, our firstborn, Ethan earned his Eagle Scout and graduated from WCA this year (2021). Our daughter, Evelyn began her Sophomore year and serves in our church’s sound engineering. Both are on the worship team! We have seen Ethan and Evelyn grow each in their own way academically, but also in their faith. All our wonderful teachers have kept us on track, counseled each of our kids towards their own goals, encouraged us, kept our sanity intact, and prayed for us diligently, more than we know.

We are so grateful to God for everyone at WCA! Thank you for your love, patience, and academic guidance in the past and in the coming years!

Please keep reading to learn more about Ethan

and to hear what he has to say!

WCA helps your student develop

higher thinking skills!

INTERPRETING – means explaining or showing what something means

EXPLAINING – means making something clear and understandable

EVALUATING – means judging, arguing, or estimating; expressing an opinion

PREDICTING – means foretelling or declaring beforehand; making a prediction

OBSERVING – means watching, paying attention to, or noticing ANALYZING – means studying in detail; determining the evidence; breaking down a subject, separating parts, and examining their relationship to each other CLASSIFYING – means grouping into sections or categories; sorting or placing into classes

SYNTHESIZING – means pulling together; assembling into a whole; solving, planning, proposing, or constructing COMPREHENDING – means describing or grasping; understanding; comparing and contrasting; explaining in one’s own words.

HYPOTHESIZING – means assuming something for the sake of an argument; proposing a theory, explaining something MENTAL TRACKING OUT LOUD – means talking to oneself

You CAN have the The Best of Both Worlds…

With WCA, you can count on high academics AND a biblical worldview so your children aren’t left half-prepared to make a difference in the world.

When you combine our curriculum with our teachers, committed staff support, and your commitment, you’ll be preparing your children to be able to do anything God asks them to do.

Join the WCA Community Site!

Has your child and/or your family

wanted a way to communicate and to get to know

other WCA Families and staff?

Now you can access our new WCA Community Secure Website to connect with other WCA students and families throughout the country and all around the world!

This is only available to currently enrolled students and their families. Your student can meet other WCA students and you can meet other WCA parents as well.


Here are some of our recent WCA Graduates!

                                                                 We are very proud of each one of yo

Congratulations to all of our students and parents for their hard work and combined efforts and commitment to complete their school year! We are so proud of you!

For those students who are nearing the FINISH LINE, keep up the GREAT WORK! Patience and persistence combined with your efforts will enable you to successfully complete your school year! You can do this!

Here are some of our recent graduates!

Will you be next?

Kindergarten Graduates

Autumn Balding

Alyssa Barrett

Layla Borck

William Goheen

Tyler Hilton

Clinton Jacobs

Layla Jacobs

Quinn Kennedy

Koa Kuethen

Matthew Marsh

Mila McLeod

Love Mendez

Ryan Mitchell

Daniel Nunnally

Dhyland Orama

Miles Piszczek

Hayden Pommerening

Kaden Rourke

Kaden Shaw

Gwendolyn Stahl

Trey Styles

Rayvin Suggs

London Swan

Michael Tronaas

Cannon Uhler


Middle School Graduates

Jeremy Beckert

Ayame Bennett

Analynn Bester

Oakley Contino

Olivia Curtis

Kamry Davis

Aiden Engel

Logan Hawks

Carson Hildre

Morgan Simmons Holmes

Houston Howell

Lily James

Rivir Johnson

Cooper Jones

Blaise Lange

Paige Marzahn

Makayla Mcleod

Deanda Mccullough-Lamping

Ethan Muccio

Brynn Piszczek

Nicholas Russell

Aiden Skinner

Howard Swift

Jamison Swift

Emily Venegas

High School Graduates

Ryn Abrahamson

Frankie Battaglia

Kamryn Berkes

RandiMarie Brevard

Kelly Clair

Abigail Fink

Zachary Granick

Kyle Hurth

Eli Pappa

Morwenna Parchman

Elisabeth Rebmann

Dylan Van Ryn

Ethan Yoos


College Credit with a Christian Worldview

Click on the BLUE BUTTON above to

Check out the available courses!

Courses are available for juniors and seniors.

WCA students have the exciting opportunity to be dual enrolled in online coursework through Barclay College.


Why Choose WCA?​




First of all, we emphasize Academic Excellence,

and we focus on Spiritual Growth.

Our students grow through relationships with their teachers who are focused on assisting your child/ren academically. Our teachers are available also to meet them where they are spiritually, challenging them to draw closer to the Lord and to become all that God wants them to be.

Our staff meets each morning to pray for our students. We care! We help our students identify their purpose by learning who they are in Christ, utilizing their God-given talents, and living out their personal callings so that they will become successful now and after they graduate. When they leave WCA, they are equipped to live fulfilled lives, impacting generations to come for Christ. WCA has multiple 2nd generation students and soon 3rd generation students.

“We are changing lives, one generation at a time.”

Now as never before, we need to raise young people up to change our world for the glory of God. As we partner together with parents and students, we can change our world…yes, even through “just one life” wholly dedicated to Him.

WCA Kid's Korner...

With Winter and colder nights here now, there is no better time to…

Start a Family Night!

A family that reads and prays together, stays together.

You can find these books in your local Christian Bookstore or on Amazon.

Don’t wait too long to order it, as shipping is causing many delays

all across the nation.