“My daughter is doing great! We will certainly be continuing this program for high school and continue to work towards our goal. Thank you!”

Chino Hills, CA


“I believe that your school is excellent for me and others like myself, because I have learned so much!”

K. Hall from VA, Student




WCA offers accredited homeschooling for 8-12th graders in all 50 states!

Business Courses:

Business Computer Information Systems (Full Year Course)
Digital Arts (Semester)
Essentials of Business (Semester)
Essentials of Communication (Semester)

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Courses:
(13 Categories)

Architecture & Construction
Construction Careers** (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Architecture & Construction** (Semester)

Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
Introduction to Careers in Arts, A/V Technology & Communications** (Semester)

Business Management & Administration
Business Law** (Semester)
Career Management (Semester)
Office 2010 Applications I  (Semester)
Office 2010 Applications II (Semester)
Office 2013 Application I  (Semester)
Office 2013 Application II  (Semester)
Small Business Entrepreneurship** (Semester)
Technology & Business (Full Year Course)

Education & Training
Introduction to Careers in Education & Training** (Semester)
Teaching & Training Careers (Semester)

Banking Services Careers** (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Finance** (Semester)

Government & Public Administration
Introduction to Careers in Government & Public Administration** (Semester)

Health Science
Psychology** (Semester)
Careers in Allied Health** (Semester)
Nursing: Unlimited Possibilities & Unlimited Potential** (Semester)

Human Services
Introduction to Consumer Services** (Semester)

Information Technology
Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Semester)
Fundamentals of Digital Media** (Semester)
Fundamentals of Programming and Software Development** (Semester)
Introduction to Information Technology** (Semester)
Introduction to Information Technology Support and Services (Semester)
Introduction to Network Systems** (Semester)
Network System Design (Semester)
New Applications: Web Development in the 21st Century** (Semester)
Software Development Tools (Semester)

Introduction to Careers in Manufacturing** (Semester)

Careers in Marketing Research** (Semester)

Engineering & Design** (Semester)
Engineering & Product Development** (Semester)

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Careers in Logistics Planning & Management Services** (Semester)
Introduction to Careers in Transportation, Distribution & Logistics** (Semester)

Language Courses:
French I** (Full Year Course)
French II** (Full Year Course)
Spanish I** (Full Year Course)
Spanish II** (Full Year Course)
Spanish III (Full Year Course)

Language Arts Courses:
American Literature (Semester)
British Literature (Semester)
English I Fundamentals** (Full Year Course)
English II Fundamentals** (Full Year Course)

Mathematic Courses:
Consumer Math (Full Year Course)
Algebra I Fundamentals** (Full Year Course)
Integrated Math 1** (Full Year Course)
Algebra II Fundamentals** (Full Year Course)
Trigonometry** (Semester)

Science Courses:
Earth Science (Full Year Course)
General Science III (Full Year Course)
Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Full Year Course)

Social Science Courses:
20th Century American History (Semester)
Economics** (Semester)
Civics (Semester)
Civil War** (Semester)
Vietnam Era History (Semester)

Other Courses:
ACT Test Prep (Semester)
College Planner (Semester)
High School Health* (Semester)
Family and Consumer Science (Full Year Course)
Bible Doctrine (Full Year Course)
Foundations for Living (Full Year Course)
Music Appreciation** (Semester)
Music Theory** (Semester)
Personal Financial Literacy (Semester)
Physical Education* (Semester)
Physical Fitness* (Semester)

*Required elective courses to fulfill the PE and Health credit requirements.
** a-g approved

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Electives (Current Students) Yearly Semesterx2
Elective Course w/TOC (3rd-12th) $350.00 $175.00
Tutoring Fees (30 Min Session) 1=$30 3=$70 8=$160

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