WCA July/August Newsletter

First of all, we want to say “THANK YOU” to all of our students and families who have worked so hard this year to complete their
school year! We are so very proud of you! Keep up the GREAT WORK as you move forward into your 2020-2021 school year! For
those of you who are still finishing up, please persevere to the FINISH LINE! You can do this!

WCA JUNE & JULY 2020 Graduates!
Will You Be NEXT?

Kindergarten Graduates

Oz Davis

Stella Digiovanni

Joseph Glenn

Lailah Harris

Scarlett Razo

Isaiah King

Middle School Graduates

Tanner Anderson

Madison Ashton

Logan Hasting

Ke’anya Barker

Brenden Rice

High School Graduates

Dallissia Dawes

Ethan Garrett

Joseph Glenn

Tate Kelly

Ramsey McDowell

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WCA GRADUATE COMMENTS: “My experience with Western Christian Academy was one of great importance to me. Having been through the regular school system for most of my education (elementary and middle school), it was a great transition into being homeschooled and being educated by Western Christian Academy during the last four years. Not only was I able to be taught in a Christian based atmosphere, but I was also able to learn more about myself along the way.

Being homeschooled by Western Christian Academy allowed me to find motivation, ambition, and independence within myself. I am more than grateful to have been a part of this online academy during my 4 years of high school and I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way.

Thank you Western Christian Academy!”

Annie H., WCA Graduate

A Homeschool Parent’s Reasons To Homeschool

God’s heart wants children who are like Caleb, whose hearts are fully His. He wants Daniel’s who can take on a king and stand strong in the midst of ungodliness. He wants Joseph’s who, although they are falsely accused and put in places of confinement, are godly examples of excellence and service to the King of Kings. He wants Shadrach’s, Meshach’s, and Abednego’s who will not bow to the idols of the day, even in the face of death. He wants obedient Esther’s who aren’t afraid to trust their God for miraculous deliverance. He longs for Timothy’s, who from a young age, are bathed in the Scripture from infancy and are ready to preach the Word and serve the Lord. God wants the hearts of the fathers to be returned to their children and the hearts of the mothers to be joyful mothers of children, so that a Godly heritage might be raised up for His glory and divine plans and purposes.

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Western Christian Academy

“See to it that NO ONE misses the grace of God.” Hebrews 12:15

It’s not too late! WCA is accredited by NCA CASI. Our curriculum offers all of your core subjects and electives, CTE, many of which are available as part-time courses, while at the same time, providing your student with excellent college and career preparation.

Please contact WCA to obtain a list of our A-G Courses for your student. WCA offers all of the core subjects, electives, CTE, as well as provides excellent career and college preparation!

For more information call: 800-868-5839.

Important Upcoming Events:

AUGUST 7th – Last day of Summer School

AUGUST 19th – Scheduled START DATE for WCA 2020-2021 School Year

September 7th – Labor Day – School Holiday- WCA Office Closed.

Some Of You May Be Asking…


In a world that strives to suffocate the light, it is a joyful sight when we bring light back into the world through the minds and hearts of our children. A complete education trains the individual and is centered on biblical truth.

1) We recognize the awesome responsibility we have to come alongside of your family, to affect not only your student/s, but the generations to come!

2) We pray for our students EVERY DAY!

3) We have been providing CHRIST-CENTERED education for nearly 37 years, meeting the academic needs of students in every state as well as many foreign countries around the globe. The corona virus did not catch us unprepared. We have been doing online education for many years. CHOOSE WCA as your trusted provider of excellent Christian education.

4) We recognize that education is about more than curriculum, it is about meeting our students and their families right where they are…TODAY!

BUT most of all, it is because we want to ensure that your student/s are prepared for their future in every way possible, and Because We Care!

Meet the Staff Corner

Dr. Clint Kneeland – WCA Founder
As the founder of Western Christian Academy, I am pleased to see the fruit of what God intended when He gave me this vision over 30 years ago. I have 45 years of expertise in the field of education, serving as teacher, principal, curriculum writer and editor, testing specialist, seminar speaker, and instructor for teacher training seminars. I have graduate training in learning disabilities and understand the importance of identifying learning styles and assigning appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of the student. I wholeheartedly embrace differentiated learning and appreciate the uniqueness of each learner.
Thank you for your interest in Western Christian Academy. As we come alongside parents, in the education of their children, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you in providing an exceptional and personalized academic program. Providing the right educational program is paramount to helping your student maximize his/her academic potential.

Please review our website information. Feel free to use the Contact page to ask questions. You can also call us at 800-868-5839 between 7am-4pm PST.

Introducing WCA 2020 Graduating Senior…

What 2019-2020 Graduate Ethan Garrett Is Saying About WCA…

Hello, my name is Ethan Garrett. I live in Louisiana, known as the paradise for any outdoors man. Attending WCA gave me a great education, but also the ability to manage my own schedule. Some of my hobbies are hunting, fishing, and playing my guitar.

In August I will be attending ITI Technical College to get my process tech degree. While attending college, my plan is to pursue my music career and start playing gigs. After graduating college, I will work in operations at a plant along the Mississippi River.

Western Christian Academy has helped me get to where I am today and to be prepared and ready for what the future has to hold. I am very thankful for my parents and WCA’s support to keep me motivated to finish high school. It was a long four years and I’m ready for a new adventure in life.

PARENT’S CORNER: Hello, we are Jason & Erin Garrett, parents of Ethan Garrett. Ethan had been a student at WCA for the past 6 years and recently graduated on June 19th. WCA has been a blessing for our family and the education Ethan received will be a great stepping stone for his future.

We pulled Ethan from public school because of the declining quality of the system. In that process, we were in search of an institution that would not only have a great educational standard, but one that would also align with our core values. We found that WCA was a perfect match for our family and Ethan’s success.

Western Christian Academy has been a blessing in our lives. The Christian pathway, flexibility and superiority of the education are some of our favorite attributes of WCA. As parents, it has been great to know that the instructors have the same beliefs as our family. In addition, the self-paced daily schedule gave Ethan the freedom to align his study hours to best match our family agenda.

We are very happy with Ethan’s accomplishments at WCA. With our guidance, his self-drive, and the spiritually focused education he received, Ethan has all the tools he needs to become a successful contributor to our society. We are extremely proud of Ethan and his future endeavors.

TEACHER’S CORNER: Ethan Garret is a kind and thoughtful young man. He is quite good at writing his thoughts on paper. His work was regularly neat and easy to read. He wrote how sometimes our faith gets tested, but we need to stay strong in our faith. He stated that the way we handle challenges in life shows what kind of character we have. Ethan has strong character. By Teacher, Paula Plotz

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The heart of education is the transformation of the heart. The fear of the Lord
is the beginning of knowledge.” Proverbs 1:7
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By doing so, this provides HOPE for the hopeless.

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