WCA May 2022 School Newsletter

“Western Christian Academy is dedicated to assisting families, by providing quality academic programs from a Christian worldview, through individualized instruction and affordability.”

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders with

a Christian Worldview”

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Letter from our Founder, Dr. Clint Kneeland
Mission Trips for School Credit
Article on Hope!
WCA Important Dates
Film School for Teens
WCA April Graduates List
Meet a WCA Romanian Missionary Family
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Book Reading Korner for Kids

From The Desk Of WCA Founder: Dr. Clint Kneeland

What was it like when you first got started?

The vision of Western Christian Academy was born in the summer of 1983 as we began to develop a plan to provide curriculum for parents that wanted to train their children with an individualized education program.

We used a Biblical worldview paper-based curriculum that required hand-grading. We began to use basic computer curriculum in the late 1990’s. We had no idea, over 37 years ago, that God would make it possible for WCA to have a leading role in Online Christian Schools in America and that God would give us a global outreach.

Where did you get the drive to start Western Christian Academy
and what made you not give up on it?

God placed this ever-increasing vision in my heart. The drive for providing an affordable, strong academic curriculum, presented from a Biblical worldview, was deeply rooted in my heart and mind. I already had entrepreneurial experience as a principal, curriculum writer, editor, and testing specialist, in addition to teacher training experience. My graduate training in learning disabilities, has helped me to understand the importance of identifying learning styles and assigning individualized curriculum.

The part about not giving up was from God and my parents who continually encouraged us to continue providing a Biblical worldview program. In 2006, when enrollment had declined, God provided a way for us to expand our curriculum through website marketing and an online curriculum that still serves our students today.

WCA Important Dates

May 27th – End of 2nd Semester, 4th Quarter, and 180 day school year. ****Send tests and logs please.****

May 30th – Memorial Day – WCA Office Closed! Remember the Fallen!

June 1st – August 14th – Summer School

Make homeschooling possible!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our WCA Scholarship Fund. This is something that has been in the works for a long time. We have prayed over it and worked hard at getting this program set up. The scholarship fund is a way to provide educational scholarships for students K-12 who can not afford a private education. The scholarships apply only to Western Christian Academy students.

We know the Lord is at work at WCA and we are so excited to be able to help more students have a Christian education.

Join WCA and be there for parents facing crippling moments of personal crisis, financial setbacks, or threats to their freedom to homeschool. By giving monthly, you’ll help protect freedom and make homeschooling possible for even more families!

What Parents Are Saying
About WCA…

We feel so blessed to have our daughter be a part of such a wonderful school! Her grades have really improved immensely just in the short time that she has been with WCA in comparison to what they were at her old public school.

I am so glad we made the decision to home school and especially glad that we learned about WCA! You guys are just awesome! JULIE S. [WCA Graduate]

We want to thank you and your teachers and staff for being a ‘beacon of hope’ in an almost dismal school experience.

Until we enrolled in your school, our son was trapped in a curriculum which was so far below his abilities that he became frustrated and bored.

We were told there was nothing we could do about it.

You guys showed us that we could get him the education he deserves with no limitations on how fast he can excel.

We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. God Bless You All, T. H. & K. M

Will Your Program Prepare My Student/S For College?

WCA’s structure greatly prepares students for today’s college course structure. WCA students receive extensive experience with the same type of procedures used in many college courses, so they are less distracted with non-academic procedures. Our college preparatory course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance into universities and colleges. Each college or university has its own entrance requirements. Therefore, you will want to consult with the chosen school to tailor a high school program which meets specific requirements of that institution. Students will be provided a school number for use with FAFSA college financial assistance and college entrance exams.

Over 95% Of WCA Graduates Feel
Prepared And Equipped For College!

Western Christian Academy provides an opportunity for students to be well-prepared to go wherever God leads them. No matter their choice, whether it’s to a community college, 4-year university, or a specialty school, our classes are taught and presented from a Biblical worldview which allows our students to step into the real world with confidence and assurance.

Attention: 9th-12th Grade Students

Are you going on a short-term missions trip this
Summer or Fall?

Call to find out how you can receive high school elective credit for it.

Mission Trips are intentional service and learning experiences that help you put your faith into action. Serve Christ and others as you meet real needs, build meaningful relationships, and grow as followers of Jesus. Plan your next trip today by contacting your local church pastor or youth group director!

Romans 10:14

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?

And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?

And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

WCA…Partnering With Parents And
It ALL Starts HERE And NOW!

Many are saying that the Christian church is one generation away from a leadership void. WCA is committed to equipping the next generation of Christian leaders through our caring staff support and strong Christian curriculum, presented from a Biblical worldview.

We have no greater joy than to watch our students step outside of their comfort zones and learn to lead in God’s Kingdom.

WCA believes that each student will affect generations to come. Each student matters and is a vitally important part of God’s overall divine plan!

Your Life And Your
Future Are Just

Sometimes Satan tries to
steal away your life and your
choice to live.

Suicide is the second leading
cause of death for young
people between ages 10 to 24.


This article is here because YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

For Anyone Considering Suicide…

We hear you! Jesus hears the cry of your heart! Help is available!

We understand that every struggle is different.

The Good News is that there is HOPE! You have a CHOICE!

Jesus is the Anchor for your Soul “Hold on to hope!”

Hope is more than wishful thinking. The Bible tells us that we find hope when we flee to God “for refuge” (Hebrews 6:18). It describes this hope as a sure and steadfast “anchor of the soul” that fixes itself in the solid reality of God’s presence (Hebrews 6:19). “Hope” in the scriptural sense is about clinging to the good we can’t see even in the midst of the bad we can’t escape. It has nothing to do with human expectations. It’s not a matter of solving or fixing the problem.

Instead, it’s the confidence that God is with you and that He will carry you through somehow. That’s why the writer of Hebrews compares it to an anchor. It’s the thing that holds you firm in the fiercest storm.

Knowing who you are and taking steps to become who God wants you to be—this is the secret to a happy, satisfying, and fulfilling life. This is the only solution to the epidemic of despair and suicide that’s robbing our society of its hope for the future.

If we want the world to go on, we have to find a way to set our feet on solid ground. You can do it by accepting that God loves you and has a purpose for your life. It’s true because God says so.

Lean into your faith and relationship with God. Find a safe place to express your emotions (for example, in a journal). Seek help and support outside the family, if you do not have a trusted family member or friend. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Reach out to Jesus.

Again, reach out to your parents, a friend or relative, your pastor, youth group leader, or one of your teachers. There is ALWAYS someone who will listen and care. Never ever give up!

WCA: 800-868-5839 M-F 8 am – 4pm PST

“Without Making Mistakes,

We Will Never Learn

The Joy Of Forgiveness.”


Dillon Hurth
Nicholas Perez
Haiden Thompson


Hadley Thompson

WCA Course Counselors Will:

1) Evaluate and place your student at a level that meets his or her academic deficiencies and strengths.

2) Monitor each student’s progress and provide a support system that is unmatched.

3) Communicate with parent and student when they notice a student is struggling in a particular area.

4) They may assign review work or more detailed instruction in that area to serve as reinforcement.

5) Maintain academic records, report cards, and accredited transcripts.

6) Support you through communication by phone or online assistance.

7) Foster school spirit through affiliation with a school with real teachers who are interested in their achievements.

BIBLE Is Not Just For Kids!


“Our son has improved tremendously and loves Bible class as do my wife and I. We often do his Bible class along with him because it also helps us get a better understanding on the scripture!”

WCA Has Many Missionary Families! This Month
We Are Featuring WCA Romanian
Missionary Family

Christi, Irina, Miriam & Lisa Ciuculescu

We are the Ciuculescu family, Cristi and Irina, and our precious daughters, Miriam (age 10) and Lisa (age 8). We are a missionary family and we serve in the least evangelized county of Romania.

Please Keep Reading To Learn More
About This Amazing
Romanian Missionary Family!

A Note From Miriam And Lisa’s Parents:

As a family from Romania where there is no law regarding homeschooling, being given the opportunity to enroll at WCA this year has felt like being led to still waters. At present, homeschooling in Romania is somewhat like the beginning of homeschooling in the US many years ago.

It is such a blessing to be in a fully accredited, Christ-centered school, and following a student-led program.

WCA has brought more structure and stability in our schooling, and has made learning and assessing more efficient, so that our girls also have time to study music, which is an important aspect of their education. They dedicate hours to studying piano, voice, pan flute and music theory and take part in various competitions. They also love to serve the Lord with their gifts.

We are thrilled that since enrolling with WCA, we have found a balance for school excellence, serving whole heartedly, music studies and… life together.

WCA Introduces 4th Grade Missionary

Miriam Ciuculescu

1st Award of Excellence in Interna