WCA 2021 November School Calendar

Important Upcoming WCA Events

October 20th – End of 1st Quarter – Send in tests and logs please.

November 7th – Daylight Savings Time Begins

November 11th– Veteran’s Day School Holiday -Observed

November 25 & 26th – Thanksgiving School Holiday –

WCA Office Closed

Knowledge: Learning WHAT God wants me to do

Understanding: Learning WHY God wants me to do it &

Wisdom: Learning HOW to do what God wants me to do.

“Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not;
neither decline from the words of my mouth.”

Proverbs 4:5-7

WCA Has Stood The Test Of Time…

Western Christian Academy has been serving families for over 35 years. Online education and learning is NOT NEW to our school.

We have been equipping students for many years to “think outside of the box” and to become the men and women God wants them to be, prepared to lead their families, their communities and their world. In the midst of these changing and challenging times, WCA is equipped and prepared to support you and your family. We are committed and determined to STAND STRONG. Our Christian witness and example remains unchanged like a light shining on a hill, beaming forth the truths of God’s Word, illuminating the path for your students.

It’s Not Too Late!

WCA Offers Open Enrollment!

You can enroll your students today!

Qualified Juniors and Seniors can take dual-enrollment courses, gaining high school and college credit at the same time.

If your student needs a customized curriculum, we offer this also.

High achieving students can excel and complete 2 years in 1 year!

WCA is a home for ideas, discovery, spiritual growth, and engagement—intellectual pursuits that our students and their families treasure. Our academic offerings are buoyed by our warm and welcoming, teachers and staff.

At WCA, students explore and extend their abilities, test their ideas, question assumptions, grapple with moral issues, develop critical thinking skills while at the same time, acquiring the vital tools to be positive and productive citizens, who are equipped to change their world.

Led by exceptional and caring Christian teachers, our students are encouraged to grow and become all that God wants them to be.

WCA 2021-2022 Middle School Graduate

Morgan “Morgie” Simmons Holmes

This mother chose WCA for her daughter Morgan!

Read through the Newsletter to hear what her WCA Graduate has to say!

Discover why she chose WCA!

Keep reading to learn a little about Morgie and why she loves WCA!

Morgan’s Favorite Teacher, Mrs.
Tammie Barr Says:

Morgan is a very respectful young woman. She works steady and hard to complete each task, successfully reaching her goals and even going beyond. Morgan has a bright future as she follows God’s calling in whatever life brings in her journey.

Morgan’s Mother Said…

Hello, my name is Lisa Holmes and I’m Morgan’s mother.

My experience with WCA is superb! Morgan began WCA going into the 7th grade because our local school did not have enough supportive staff to give her the attention she needed in order to do age appropriate classwork.

Before WCA, I tried to enroll her into other on-line schools, but they did not offer the assistance that she needed to catch up to age appropriate studies. WCA has been very accommodating to Morgan’s needs and staff has also been very open to conversations and recommendations about her studies.

Since starting WCA, Morgan enjoys reading, writing and science experiments. Her favorite subject is Bible because she loves reading about how God created the world and the different hardships of people during that time and how it still affects us in 2021.

WCA, you ROCK!

Thank you for all you have done for Morgan and my family.

Please keep to learn more about Morgan and to hear what she has to say!

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Other WCA Families And Staff?

Now you can access our new WCA Community Secure Website to connect with other WCA students and families throughout the country and all around the world!

This is only available to currently enrolled students and their families. Your student can meet other WCA students and you can meet other WCA parents as well.

Congratulations!! To Some Of Our Recent

WCA 2020-2021 Graduates!


Kindergarten Graduates

Clinton Jacobs

Mila McLeod

Gwendolyn Stahl

London Swan

Middle School Graduates

Ayame Bennett

Aiden Engel

Logan Hawks

Morgan Simmons Holmes

Houston Howell

Cooper Jones

Paige Marzahn

Aiden Skinner

High School Graduates

Kyle Hurth

Eli Pappa

Ethan Yoos

Congratulations to all of our students and parents for their hard work and combined efforts and commitment to complete their school year! We are so proud of you!

For those students who are nearing the FINISH LINE, keep up the GREAT WORK! Patience and persistence combined with your efforts will enable you to successfully complete your school year! You can do this!

Learning Disabilities/ADHD/Dyslexia Awareness

Options And Choice: One Size Does Not Fit All

Most of us either know someone with a learning disability or have personal experience with a family member struggling to cope with this issue. A learning disability is only part of a student’s challenge, however, a learning disability does not need to stop your child from achieving his/her goals.

Many students deal with insecurities and have lost their confidence. WCA works together with you as their parent/s, to re-instill that sense of “I can” in their hearts and minds again.

Times have changed, including our understanding of disabilities, but often it feels like our educational system hasn’t.

This is just another reason why SCHOOL CHOICE is so important, and even more so when a child is struggling with disabilities.

Many parents struggle to get their children what they need despite having medical diagnoses or documented disabilities, such as dyslexia, autism, LD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and other mental health conditions.

Most parents usually know their children and how they learn best. Some parents find that traditional public schools cannot meet their child’s individual needs and choose an alternative method for their child’s education.

WCA helps the student and their family work together to find the best and most suitable curriculum for the student if a student is struggling. We all have different learning styles and talents. The notion that there ought to be choice and a variety of options for elementary and secondary education should be a no-brainer, especially for those struggling to fit into a traditional class setting.

At WCA, we believe in providing students with what they need to be successful. We believe that the American education system needs to improve on how it recognizes that each student has different needs.

For us to progress as a nation, it is imperative that we educate parents about how to identify when their child is struggling.

“When it comes to education, one size does not fit all!

WCA custom builds the curriculum to meet the needs of your child!

We place students at their functional level without changing their grade level.

By doing so, this provides Hope for those feeling hopeless.”

WCA Kid’s Korner…

Game Favorites…

With Winter soon to fall upon us, there is no better time to…

Start A Family Night!

A family that plays and prays together, stays together.

This is a fun and yet challenging game for 2-4 people, age levels 7 & up!

You can find this game in your local Christian Bookstore or on Amazon.

Don’t wait too long to order it as shipping is causing many delays

all across the nation.

  • The Bible comes to life in this fun family trivia game
  • Contains over 700 trivia questions
  • Includes questions for all ages
  • All editorial was developed by Diane Leggewie who has a degree in Theology and over 12 years of involvement with children’s ministry

Family Book Corner

Books For Children

Available in your local Christian Bookstore or on Amazon.com!

Teaching Character Through Reading

  1. They must be good literature. Literature is a way to understand people better and broaden one’s life. The best readers are not those written to order by two or three modern educators, but those that draw from the vast storehouse of the best literature of the ages. God says, “Whatsoever things are true…honest…just…pure…lovely…of good report…think on these things” (Phil. 4:8).
  2. They must develop character-building themes in a natural, nonpreachy way. Children are developing their character now. They need to see in the lives of great men and in the lives of children like themselves the great virtues of Christian character lived out. We need to give them, through books as well as through our lives and words, ideals to reach for and examples to follow.
  3. They must be true biblical principles. “The Bible spells out precepts, the teaching of God’s plan for man. It also tells us about real people—their faith, their sins, their courage, their disbelief—and we see the fruit of each in what follows in their lives. Good books fulfill our human need for adventure and wider experience, but they also provide support for the kind of character development of which the Scriptures teach!” —Gladys Hunt, Honey for a Child’s Heart

Meet The Staff

Introducing WCA Parent-Teacher Advocate
Lindy Fink

People often ask me why I chose to homeschool, and the truth is, I didn’t. I came into homeschooling kicking and screaming. I wanted my kids to go to school every day so I could have more time at home to focus on my younger kids and clean the house and have a “break” during the day, so to speak. Slowly, the Lord was closing doors for me to be able to safely put my kids in a school environment. It was a process of about 3 years of the Lord showing me VERY CLEARLY (because I was fighting it as hard as I could) that He wanted me to homeschool HIS children. GULP! It was a very eye-opening and humbling time for me.

Once I yielded my desires and fears to Him, He was free to take me on the one-day-at-a-time journey of homeschooling. I’ve been homeschooling for 18 years now, and when I started, it was just going to be for one year (in my mind, anyway…)

We have had great years, and we have had struggling years. My kids each had times where they wished they weren’t homeschooled, but ultimately were grateful that they were homeschooled. It truly is a journey for each family, each individual.

We have currently graduated five of our six kiddos from high school. All five of them have chosen to go on to college; two graduated, one left to get married and have a family, one is graduating in December and one is a freshman this month. The biggest lesson I learned with “graduating” each of my kids is that we have to be open to letting God lead them and make their path for them. Each of my kids are different. They have different strengths and weaknesses, desires, dreams, interests, etc, so the future will be different for each of them. My job, as their Mom, and their biggest cheerleader, is to come alongside them, help them find their gifts and strengths and help them discover where the Lord might be leading them.

Homeschooling has been an amazing blessing. It has allowed us MUCH more family time together. We have been able to participate in Civil War Reenactments as a family, mission trips as a family and even take our vacations during less crowded times of the year. Even on our vacations, we are homeschooling because we sought out historical sites and museums. Learning never stops! Whether you’re in the grocery store teaching numbers or colors to your three-year-old or visiting a museum and discussing the different types of tanks or weaponry together, you are always learning. All of you!! Never quit learning and never quit learning together!!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions or concerns you may have along the way. My role is to come alongside you, encourage you, be a resource to you, and pray for you. Western Christian Academy is here to partner with you. Please let us know how we can support you or pray for you. My office hours will be Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm PST.

“Glory to God, who is able to do far beyond all that we could ask or imagine by his power at work within us.”

Ephesians 3:20