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WCA Parent As Teacher Combo Program

PARENT TEACHER COMBO: This program is available for 3rd through 6th grades.

The Parent As Teacher Combo program uses a combination of booklet subjects and online subjects. Math, Language, and Science courses use an online format, while History/Geography and Bible courses use a booklet format. The combo format helps transition students from an entirely paper-based curriculum to the benefits of online curriculum by using a combination of formats for a year or more. The student will also have more handwriting experience with the combo program than switching entirely to an online curriculum. The combination of formats will give younger students some non-computer time throughout each day.

Booklet Subjects: Each subject is made up of a set of colorful booklets that are mailed out to the parent throughout the year. The curriculum presents a Christian worldview. These two subjects can be completed where there is no computer and/or internet available during the day. A booklet format will offer more handwriting experience. Parents supervise student progress and grade daily work, quizzes, and a test prep assignment called a self-test. Then, the graded unit tests and quarterly report form are sent to the Academy for record keeping. You would keep copies of those tests for your records and send the original tests to the school. There is a short delay in viewing grades online due to the mailing of tests by the parent. A booklet in each subject will take an average of three weeks to complete. Each booklet combines reading pages, exercises, occasional projects, review, and a test. Each booklet also has a systematic review of previous concepts for reinforcement. New concepts and skills are also integrated across other subjects for reinforcement. A student will complete approximately 20 booklets in the combo program during a school year. This program is called “Parent Teacher” because the parent will be much more involved throughout the day than our online programs. The booklet curriculum is very similar to the scope and sequence of our online programs, plus many of the daily student procedures are similar as well. This allows a student in this program to quickly and successfully assimilate into one of our online programs in a future year.

Online Subjects: Parents and students will have access to the built-in messaging system within the curriculum for procedural assistance. Western Christian Academy uses an award-winning internet-based structure for 3rd-6th grades with over 50,000 multimedia features, including digital tutors throughout the curriculum. The curriculum presents a Christian worldview. Students can complete these subjects from anywhere using typical broadband internet access. A large portion of student work is automatically computer scored, which saves parents time and promptly corrects student thinking while the concept is fresh in the mind. Parents and student can view grades online anytime immediately, which enhances student motivation. There are approximately 130 lessons per two-semester subject. New concepts and skills are also integrated across other subjects for reinforcement. This program is called “Parent Teacher” because the parent will be much more involved throughout the day than our Online With Assistance or Online With Teacher On Call programs mainly due to the parent being responsible for subjective scoring and tutoring when necessary.

Parent Teacher Combo Program Includes:

  • Placement testing
  • Online subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science
  • Booklet subjects: History/Geography, Bible
  • Guides for both formats
  • Course counselor, support, and communication
  • Record keeping & reporting
  • Semester report cards
  • Booklet shipping and tax included for U.S. residents
  • Achievement testing included

WCE is accredited by NAPS!

Parent Teacher Combo Financial Requirements:

A $150 family registration fee is due when you submit your registration form to save a spot, but you can opt to call in your payment info to give yourself an extra day or two for the registration fee. The family registration fee covers any other students in any of our programs. After the registration fee, the first tuition payment based on your payment option is normally due one week before the student start date. There is a substantial savings if using annual, semester, or quarterly payments.

1st-6th Grade Combo Tuition Rates:

  • Monthly payment option (10x$207)
  • Quarterly payment option (4x$518)
  • Semester payment option (2x$1035)
  • Annual $1800

Parent Teacher PDF Booklet Samples: 

Here are booklet curriculum samples for 3rd-6th grades. They include snippets such as contents, objectives, and partial lessons  from a single booklet for the grade represented.

A new window or tab will open with the PDF sample. These samples load slower! Close the sample window to return to here when finished.

History & Geography Booklet samples by grade:

Bible Booklet samples by grade:

Objectives for Online Courses (PDF) :

This will overview the concepts the student will learn in each subject for the year. Each grade will normally have 10 units. (e.g. 600 is 6th grade level, 700 is 7th grade level) You may want to review the information of all 10 units for each subject in your student’s grade level.