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Paula Plotz


My name is Paula Plotz. I was born and raised in Minnesota. My husband, Terry, and I met at college in Bemidji, MN. This is a small town in northern MN. Yes, I understand what cold weather is all about. Terry and I have 4 grown and married children. We have 11 grandchildren which live all over the world. Many of our vacations are spent visiting our children and grandchildren (Ireland, Honduras, Alaska, and Oregon). For the past 18 years we have lived on the beautiful Oregon Coast. My husband is the pastor of a local church and I have taught in the public school. Last year I taught at a small Christian school.

I received my Bachelor’s in Education from Bemidji State University and later my Master’s degree from Liberty University. I have always been a “word nerd” so this job of teaching English is right in my wheelhouse.

My hobbies: Hmm. I have spent so much of my time and energy raising our children and teaching that I now need to discover some new interests. I love to read and would love to take up quilting.


I understand the sacrifices and struggles of homeschooling. We homeschooled for many years. Each child’s needs require different forms of education. Our children are all doing well and are making a difference in their part of the world. Hang in there, parents. It is all worth it!!