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Timothy Eberly


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Hello, my name is Timothy Eberly. I am a chess playing, Bossa Nova listening, Jesus believing, camera wielding, 50-something year old husband, with three little Jiu Jitsu kids, and a beautiful wife that helps keeps my feet on the ground.
I teach digital arts with Western Christian Academy. But that is not all. I do a lot of different things in addition to teaching with WCA. I am a graphic designer, photographer and SEO.
The best part of teaching with WCA is connecting with the students. I know that a lot of them think they are all alone when it comes to school, but they aren’t. I personally like discovering how each student learns and then focusing on working with the student in those areas. Many times they know the material, but just have a hard time answering questions in a way that gets that conveys that to the teacher. As a teacher I look and listen for keys in their communication styles that clue me in as to whether they really understand the material or if they need help. That is the best part. Connecting.
When I look back over my life I see one consistent thing; God trying to reach me and have a relationship with me. It seems God has been working on me my whole life. It all started when I was very little. When I was seven, I asked Jesus into my heart, but it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I started having an important relationship with Jesus. I am working on that relationship to this day; more than ever. The process has been a gradual one.
You see, I am one of those people that likes to learn things for themselves. If I wanted to know how to program a website, or play chess, I would buy books on the subject and figure it out for myself. That is the same approach I took with God. I bought books and studied them to learn more about Him. I even spent 3 years of my life debating Christianity online in an attempt to win people for Jesus and to learn more about Him myself. The problem was that I learned how to argue but still didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. I am learning now how important it is to have a relationship with Jesus. I want Him with me. I never want to go through this life without having Jesus here. Looking back over my life I see times when He has been there and made things happen. God is in control. My desire to figure it out for myself is laughable when I see how many times God has taken control over things. My control means nothing when compared to God’s!
There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the LORD’s counsel—that will stand. [NKJV]
In other words:

People may plan all kinds of things, but the LORD’s will is going to be done.