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Tutoring is Available

Homeschool with tutoring available

Help your student get ahead or catch up in his or her studies with the assistance of our network of dedicated qualified academic tutors. Tutoring options are mainly designed for students in one of the the following programs:

Parent Teacher Booklet

Parent Teacher Online

Parent Teacher With Assistance programs.

Appointments are scheduled to offer your student undivided attention for up to 30 minutes per session. This personalized attention helps students grasp difficult or advanced concepts, so they can successfully reach their goals. Students in the WCA Online With Teacher On Call program automatically receive ongoing/continual instruction. Tutoring Benefits:

Specific concept explanations

Sessions set by appointment (one session per day maximum)

Flexible packages (one session, three sessions, and eight sessions available)

Assistance via phone per appointment, M-F, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Pacific Time

Order Tutoring Sessions and inspire confidence in your student today. Our 30 minute sessions can be purchased individually, 3 session, and 8 session packages. For more information, contact WCA:

Via telephone (8am-4pm PST): 866-295-3774 or 800-868-5839.

Send us a message via WCA’s Contact form.

Tutoring sessions can be purchased and scheduled by calling the WCA office. 800-868-5839 We look forward to your student’s success!!

Online Ordering Instructions: Click the appropriate Add To Cart Button. Wait for the next screen! Review that you have selected the appropriate package. Click “Check Out” or “Check Out With Paypal”. Enter your information and click “Pay”. You should receive a payment invoice at the email address you provided. Please call to schedule your appointments.

Order a tutor time slot via Paypal

Individual 30 Minute Tutoring Session $30:

Three 30 Minute Tutoring Sessions $70:

Eight 30 Minute Tutoring Sessions $160: